The one positive thing about getting heavy duty dental work done is obtaining and ingesting schedule II narcotics legally. That’s what I always thought except my old dentist was so impressed by my ability to withstand pain that he rarely suggests anything other than regular ol’ Tylenol, and not even the fun kind that requires a little note and a trip to the pharmacist. He did, however, always indulge my various requests of getting me under when I went in four separate times to get my wisdom teeth out. For the last shout we settled on “The Gas,” (as he called it). Then he cranked up some Pink Floyd and informed me that things were going to get psychedelic.

That was probably why I enjoyed season 2 episode 3 of Broad City a little more than the average person. The Pygmy Hippo Shoppe requested another Broad City set and I haven’t had any inspiration coming at me and was tossing up whether or not to repeat the one I did last year when I suddenly remember my old dentist coming at me with sharp implements and making loopy motions with it as an attempt to enhance my psychedelic experience. So here’s Ilana, Abbi, and Abbi’s doll Bingo Bronson, who led her, in a hallucinatory state, on an insane shopping spree at Whole Foods and screeching about manua honey.

Broad City

I can’t get enough of Bingo Bronson, a physical manifestation of all the little voices that urge us to buy things we don’t need when we go shopping.

Bingo Bronson