I’d been utterly intrigued by this movie as a child, mostly due to the shockingly creepiness of it. I was thrilled that someone actually made a horror movie for children! Even so, I was reluctant to tackle this project because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it justice. But someone asked me to paint a set just as I was getting the itch to and was actually starting to compile the photo references needed to get me started. Return to Oz

It was clear from the start that other than Dorothy, I had to paint Jack Pumpkinhead, Mombi, the witch with a collection of heads that she switch up to suit her mood, the dastardly Nome King, Mombi’s henchman, a Wheeler, Ozma, the Queen of Oz, and of course, Tik Tock. I thought about the Gump, which is a moose head attached to a bed and brought to life by a magical powder but couldn’t figure out how to work him into this set. The buyer made a mention of it and you know I don’t like to disappoint. The simplest solution is to do this:

The Gump

Problem solved!

Some details:

wheeler-Ozma Billina

The Wheeler, Ozma, and Billina the talking chicken.

Nome King Mombi

The Nome King wearing Dorothy’s ruby slippers and Mombi with her mandolin.