I’ve been working on these miniature dessert paintings for a few days for an upcoming project.

Boy, I totally forgot how to paint on paper!

*  *  *

Here’s yet another bully portrait of my brother’s dogs, Jiro and Yama.

* * *

Yay! Now my brother’s back up auxiliary dog Yama (and sometimes model of BoBo Babushka) has a portrait to call his own!

* * *

Yama and my brother’s main dog Jiro!

* * *

Before you go, “Oh boy, there she goes again with her bulldog,” I just want to point out that this most excellent portrait of my Bo is done by none other than illustrator Lara Tomlin (whose work appears regularly in the New Yorker).

Lara’s work astounds me on a regular basis, and I’ll have to say this one had me blubbering incoherently for quite some time. Maybe this portrait will convince Anthony that bulldogs are beauteous in their own right.

* * *

“Kitchen Prose and Gutter Rhymes” Recipe Box

I know, it’s a little morbid, but this is for a friend who choose to wear nothing but black all year round—and she’s not even goth.

* * *

Here are some paintings which had been the inspiration for the doll sets. Can you guess which begot which?


Witches might find it hard to lure children into their lairs in the woods nowadays, so this smart one opened up a confectionery store instead.

A modern version of Alice.


The companion piece to “Alice and the Caterpillar.”

DSCF2855Who doesn’t want a jackalope for a pet?

DSCF4637 DSCF4638

The “Quirky Pets” project pretty much ended when I misplaced the other wooden boards…

* * *

Chart Phase

(These were inspired from when I was a teacher…it couldn’t be helped. There were charts EVERYWHERE)

street meat

“An Ode to the Dirty Dogs of NYC.”


“From Manor Born”



(I’m not fond of them, but boy, were they fun to paint!)



* * *

I finally got my hands on my brother’s med school anatomy text book. It was, by far, the most explicit thing I have ever read in my life, and the best pictorial reference book I’ll ever have.


“I Left My Heart in San Francisco”

I found this awesome Mexican nichos box and sawed off the decorative properties so it would fit nicely into the painting. It’s hard to see it, but there’s a tiny anatomically correct heart stored inside. I should have sealed the nichos box shut, since all who saw this painting were compelled to place whatever miniature objects I had lying around inside.



* * *


First time I got to paint on an art board. They’re pretty neat, but you can’t really cut the board down to size.


This was painted when I was on a diet and craving sweets on a minute-by-minute basis.



3 thoughts on “2-Dee”

  1. the bugs were my favorite and the self portrait next!

  2. Oh my godness! Such a talent! I love your painting style! and characters are awesome! ahah the “Chart Phase” explanations are hilarious! and that piece reminded me of Rene Magritte’s work with similair simple objects painted in a realistic manner. .
    Your portait is awesome!
    ar you working o anything now? willbe waiting for an update and see new pieces! dont ever give up, you have developed such a style!

  3. I am in love with those dessert paintings. They are fantastic & I LOVE sweets. ❤

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