About Irene

When a colleague examined Irene’s astrological chart, she said, “Irene, you are not the adventurous type. The stars which have aligned themselves on the day of your birth have determined that you are a homebody and the closest adventure you will ever go on is a trip to the Renaissance festival by  the I75. With that said, why don’t you head up the decorating committee for the eighth grade dance and can you make 800 cupcakes by tomorrow morning?”

Irene promptly replied, “I’m quitting my job and I’m going to Australia! I’m going to hug a koala bear! And a kangaroo! And a wombat! And a skink!  And I’m going to swim with the platypus! So there!”

And she was off.

She never got to hug a koala until years later. But she did meet a man whose hobbies included embarking on treacherous solo sea kayaking expeditions around Australia and expected her to accompany him on several of these outings.

She is now living in Queensland, missing her bulldog, getting used to the laid back lifestyle,  learning how to pack two weeks worth of clothing and toiletries into a 15 liter dry bag and is pathetically grateful not to be gainfully employed.


21 thoughts on “About Irene”

  1. Hello,
    i love very much your babushka!!!
    Where i could buy this? ETSY.COM,and others?
    Becaus in etsy.com,not more models are propose for sale…
    Thanks for a quick answer please!…

  2. You are unbelievably talented! I can’t wait to own one of your creations 🙂

  3. That’s a wonderful picture of you and the bear. Do people celebrate Halloween in Australia? I always thought it was such an American thing.

    • Thanks. He was a cutie (smelled like cough drops too, what with his eucalyptus diet and all). They’re not that into Halloween here, although we’d get a lone trick or treater or two. In some cities there are parades but not as majestic as the ones in Greenwich Village.

  4. HI IRENE!
    I Love love loveyour painting style and sence of humour!
    just wondering-where are you from originally ? cause the name Irene seems to be Russian, or maybe Im wrong…
    I love your babooshkas! cant wait to put my hands on some! just discovered your site! do you know how do we call these dolls in my country? Matreshki ))
    And do you know how I actually discovered your site? I was browsing the internet trying to find some opinions on the similarities of Salinger’s Glasses and Tenenbaums families… Did you know that Boo Boo is actually the grandmother of Tenenbaums, but also that name has one of the Glasse’s daughter? ))) such an intrigue)

    Anyways, I am gona explore your blog and website and very glad I found you! keep being inspired ! xxx Vlada

    • Thank you, Vlada! I suppose the name Irena is Russian, although I was told Irene originated from Greece. Two places I’d love to visit again! I was reading about the Glasses not too long ago and that Wes Anderson did base the Tenebaums on them. Fascinating families, they are!

  5. Malene Andersen said:

    I LOVE YOUR BABUSHKAs, they are so cool and funny…When I get rich I’ll buy some:)

  6. Hi. Just wondered if you ever thought of making the Smurfs? I must admit there’d be quite a few! 🙂 I love the Kiss & Spinal Tap ones! They’re so cute! 🙂

    Can you let me know?

    ❤ ❤

  7. Jessica Hanson said:

    Hi I tried to send you an email… I would like to request a set of the Henry VIII dolls!!! 🙂 Any information would be much appreciated.

  8. Carrie Parris said:

    I would love to know how to commission a set of dolls or buy something already done if that is possible… I am absolutely in love with the “Where the Wild Things Are” set! Please let me know!

  9. *stefon

  10. How do I buy theeeeeese??

  11. Lynette Volk said:

    My boyfriend loves horror films. I would love a set of The Shining nesting get dolls, they are so unique and would be amazing as a gift. I’m very serious about ordering a set from you if you could make one. Please let me know if this is posdible. The Horror nesting dolls set that had all the Horror slashes, Jason Voorhees , Mike Myers, Freddie, etc…was also very unique. I would be very interested in ordering this set as well. Let me know if this is possible.

  12. Raymond Anciaux said:

    How do I order one of your FABULOUS sets?!?!

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