The best part about painting the cast of the David Lynch film “Wild at Heart?” Nicolas Cage’s snake skin jacket.

Sailor Ripley

I used to have an orange and tan suede fish scale jacket that might’ve looked fine on a pimp, but so wrong for a short female. Wearing it to my painting classes in art school was fine, but not so much when I was confronted by the real world and jobs that required me to fill out a W2 form and hire an accountant once a year (what? Did you think I could be trusted to do my own tax returns? Please). Back then I wish I could’ve utilized this line to its fullest potential:

“This is a snakeskin jacket! And for me it’s a symbol of my individuality, and my belief… in personal freedom.”

But of course I’d substitute it with “fish scale jacket.”

Here’s the rest of the cast:


(Clockwise from left)

Marietta Fortune (after she colored her face with lipstick), her daughter Lula, Johnnie Farragut, and Marcelles Santos.


Here’s also Bobby Peru and Sheryl Lee as The Good Witch.