A Whole New (Doctor Who) World

I love doing Doctor Who sets largely because my version consists of 3D printed Tardis as the first doll. A while back I did a massive set with all the Doctors so I was glad to switch it up this time to include other key players in the series:

Once again, this is a double set. #1 features David Tennant with Donna Noble, Rose Tyler, and River Song. #2 consists of Matt Smith, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and the War Doctor.

Outlander In the Wild

I always knew there’s a reason why I love Thanksgiving so much. In the beginning it’s all about the gluttonous aspect of this holiday. But lately, I am starting to appreciate the main reason why there’s a day set aside for being thankful. It’s becoming so that I want every day to be Thanksgiving, but not only because I do like a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I am so thankful for so many things in my life and just acknowledging that once a year is not enough.

The greatest thing I’m thankful for is the people who have the faith in having me paint their favorite obsession in doll form. I love communicating with them and brainstorming ideas and coming up with something I hope they will cherish for a very long time. And, this is something I never expected, sometimes they take their dolls out into the wild and have the person(s) I painted autograph it!

These are the two mega Outlander sets I made for Lindsey of SoCal Outlander group, who had the foresight to bring it to the Seattle Comic Con to show to the two leads, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Belfe. She even got them to look as though their side hustle is hawking BoBo Babushka dolls in this pic!

This is just as exciting as another customer had brought her set to a tea with Diana Gabaldon, creator of the Outlander books and have her pose with it!

No matter how tedious my day is, or dealing with all sorts of tomfoolery perpetrated by my completely insane neighbors, I am still thankful and grateful that I get to live the kind of life I’ve always wanted and that it’s exceeded beyond my expectations.


“Clue” was one of the first movies I remember seeing in the theater when I first moved to New York. It was a fun little romp and I adored the board game, mainly because it came with little miniature weapons and we all know how mad I am about miniatures! I wasn’t about to turn down a request to paint a set of “Clue” when it was presented to me and here it is!


Just for fun I was asked to paint the characters holding weapons, because why not?


Check it Out! With Dr. Steve Brule

Sometimes when I don’t feel I can give a television show 100% of my complete and utter devotion, I go for shorts, something nonsensical and speaks directly to my soul. That something, of course, are any shows involving Tim and Eric from Adult Swim. I was watching “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job” when an email came through asking if I would mind doing a trio of dolls featuring Dr. Steve Brule, Jan and Wayne Skylar. Mind? Mind?! The only downside to this project was that I had to slough through other piles of projects before getting to this one!


I did a tiny John C. Reilly doll for another set a while back and built a tiny afro wig for him so I was quite excited to do another one on a larger scale.


It’s always a treat to get requests from the UK. I’ve mentioned before that the BBC had a huge influence on me growing up. I learned English and watching Monty Python and Benny Hill. It’s harder and harder to keep up with television shows even though I watch A LOT of it while I’m working so it’s great to be introduced to something by someone who feels passionate enough for them to want a set of dolls immortalized after the characters, like this “Hustle” set.


This set features: Mickey Bricks, Danny Blue, Ash “Three Socks” Morgan, Albert Stroller, and Stacie Monroe.

Now, pardon me while I go hit up my local library for all 8 seasons for this show!

The Ronettes

Years ago, when I was young and silly, my friend and I wanted to form a girl group called the Screaming Librarians. It would be her and me and I assumed she would be the lead vocal while I provided the music. I had many years of classical piano and flute under my belt by then but I’d listened to enough Emerson Lake and Palmer to know that I can probably rock a Hammond Organ if I A. get my hands on one and B. get a couple of daggers like Keith Emerson and stab the keys with it. We would play CBGB and Limelight and The Tunnel and take the club scene by storm. The closest we got to performing as a unit was our 11th grade poetry class where we recited a poem about bats dressed as Goth bats and flapped our arms around a papier mâché sheep and then we sacrificed it. I still have no idea how I got talked into the whole thing and why there’s a sheep involved and how we ended up repeating this performance in front of the entire junior class at an assembly and how we managed to get an A on it. I do remember having to take the subway with the sheep and the commuters giving me a wide berth despite the fact it was rush hour and thinking maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to tote this sheep to school each day to keep the pervs would stop trying to press up against me.

This is why I have quite a lot of respect for girl groups featuring performers with actual talent. Their only gimmick is the fact that they can sing, and quite well. This is my homage to one of the best girl groups to date: The Ronettes!


Sordid Lives

I’ve been dealing, for the past few months, with some trashy behavior by an unsavory neighbor. It seems like these days I cannot look out the window without seeing her waddling around in broad daylight, wrapped in a towel, cigarette in mouth, shouting out her conversations and generally behaving like White Trash Neighbor No. 1 in a sitcom.

So it seemed apt that I was asked to paint “Sordid Lives” during this time. There were tons of cigarette holding, fried chicken eating, shotgun wielding, hair roller wearing and beer bottle clutching involved and it made me think about how life does imitate art and sometimes the other way around. Well, it’s clear that my neighbor is living her life as sordidly as she can make it, whereas I’m just painting it!


Set one features Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram, LaVonda DuPree, Juanita Bartlett, Sissy Hickey, Latrelle Williamson, Noleta Nethercott, and Dr. Eva Bolinger.

Some details:


Set two is all about the same characters but some in different outfits: LaVonda again, Noleta but with runny make up, Earl all gussied up, Juanita, Sissy (this time in a matching plaid short and shirt ensemble), Latrelle and Dr. Eva.


More details:


Thanks Scott and Craig! You guys rock!

The Big Lebowski 2.0

Sometimes I feel, when I’m painting the same sets over and over again, like an automaton. This is not necessarily a bad thing since I can pop on a movie of a more cerebral nature and actually watch it while I paint. But it can get a bit monotonous and not the least bit challenging. That is the case with the Big Lebowski sets, so I decided to do a brand new version. Gone are the Dude’s loud cardigan, Walt’s multi-pocketed vest and shorts. Gone are Maud’s golden Viking Bowling Princess get up and helmet that I had to sculpt the horns onto for every set. Only Donny and Jesus sort of remained the same but with different hued outfits. Just to make it more interesting, I included a severed toe with green nail polish. It was a lot more fun to paint, but it didn’t stop me from queuing up some mid-season shows whilst working on this set, though!



Penny Dreadful

You wouldn’t believe how excited I was when I first heard “Penny Dreadful” was coming out. It had everything I loved: Old timey characters from my favorite classic horror tales such as the Werewolf, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, Dorian Gray, Dracula, Jekyll and Hyde (although that character didn’t appear until the final season and was in fact a bit of a disappointment since he didn’t go through any physical changes), just to name a few. Every time the show introduced a new element such as the appearances of witches, voodoo dolls, Vanessa Ives’ stint in the Victorian asylum, an old Indian who became a werewolf…I would pee a little in my pants. No, but you know what I mean. I would watch this show on my own because I can be trusted to keep my inner horror nerd from going nuts around other people.

For someone who rarely got emotional watching movies (except ones with dogs in it), I found myself getting a bit teary eyed watching the last episode. In order to make this show last just a little bit longer, I worked on a “Penny Dreadful” set after I’m done with my after hours. Late night, me alone with my dolls…seems apt, doesn’t it?


This set features Vanessa Ives portrayed by one of my favorite actresses Eva Green, Sir Malcolm Murray, Ethan Chandler, who is also a werewolf, The Creature, whom I just wanted to give him a hug because he’s so sad and lonely, the immortal Dorian Gray, Lily Frankenstein, and of course, Dr. Frankenstein.

Itty bitty Dr. Frankenstein has a teeny weeny syringe!


Twin Peaks Revisited

It’s been a long time since I’ve painted Twin Peaks so I jumped at the chance to do an update. I was given a choice to paint Laura Palmer as a corpse or as a prom queen. Ever since I received these tiara charms, I’ve been looking for an excuse to use them so I naturally was leaning toward the prom queen version…until the night before I was to tackle the project. A flash of inspiration hit me and I quickly went downstairs to the chest freezer and rummaged around until I found some puff pastry sheets. The plastic protecting the frozen puff pastries were perfect. They had precisely the color, the give, and the thinness to recreate a miniature body bag. My new dead Laura Palmer’s body bag would not be painted on, but rather, wrapped. Then I did more rummaging (not in the chest freezer, thank you very much) and unearthed the crepe hair I had purchased years ago on a whim and matted it until it looked like it was drudged from a swamp and viola! A new dead Laura Palmer!


There’s also a new addition to the cast, Shelly the waitress, along with Agent Cooper, Evil Bob, and of course, the Dancing Dwarf.


Because of this set, I got to do more rummaging (this time in the pantry) for the onion jam so I could use up the unprotected pastry sheets and made several batches of onion jam puff roll ups. The things I do for art.