Spring Breakers

So there’s a difference between spring breaks and spring vacations. Spring breaks involve booze and bikinis and the words coming out of your mouth between downing shots are “Whoo!”s and “Bluuuurgh!” (okay, that one’s more of a vomiting noise than an actual word). Spring vacations are car trips with the family to Palm Springs visiting our snowbird neighbors who had a sprawling home in a gated community for the aged and that my brother and I were always the only ones in the communal pool and dinner was served at 4PM. Bedtime was at 9PM and there were a few days spent at Disney World and Dad lets us steal sips out of his beer at the EPCOT Center. I saw what I’d missed when I watched “Spring Breakers” a couple years ago and figured that with my distaste of balaclavas and greasy men with grillz and (shudder) corn rolls, I preferred my spring vacations.

Spring Breakers

This mini set features Alien, the local rapper/drug dealer; spring breakers Cotty, Brit, and Candy all suited up for a crime spree.

Some details:



Well! This was a delight! I was asked to paint two sets of “Patriot,” a new Amazon Prime show that’s been described as “Daniel Craig’s James Bond meets Broadway’s Once. Call it…folk-spionage.” I was able to watch the pilot episode before diving into the project and this is what happened:

Patriot Patriot1

Quite a quirky show! Can’t wait to see it once it premiers!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Here are the top 5 TV shows I’m always eager for the premiere:

  1. Broad City
  2. Archer
  3. Bob’s Burger
  4. Penny Dreadful

The fifth used to be Grimm, but I’m bumping it down to #6 so that spot can rightfully go to…

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s just a nice, joyous show that could’ve been all kinds of horrible, given the subject matter, but it’s not, and a great show to watch when you’re standing at your work table for long stretches with stacks of dolls to paint. Here’s my little homage to season one as I hop from one foot to another and counting the hours till season two premiers!

Kimmy Schmidt

(From large to small) Kimmy Schmidt looking chipper, Titus Andromedon with his Pinot Noir, Lillian Kaushtupper; Kimmy and Titus’ landlady, Jacqueline White with her pooch, and her surly stepdaughter Xanthippe Lannister Voorhees.

Some details:


Mad Max: Fury Road

When you’re stuck in your house day in and day out painting, you tend to enjoy all of your cinematic outings be it good or bad—especially if it’s followed by a visit to Yogurtland right afterwards. The Hubs is the perfect person to see a movie with because he’s not the type to debate the movie to death afterwards. We’d just fill our cup to the brim with fro-yo and toppings and scarf it down while lost in our own thoughts.

Now and then, though, I’d love to discuss a movie, especially if it’s a rip-roaring epic like Mad Max: Fury Road. Since the Hubs is not apt to talk about it, I had to take find another outlet, and here they are:


Large to small: Imperator Furiosa, Max Rockatansky, Immortan Joe, Nux, and the Splendid Angharad. This is my post apocalyptic name: Torque Ballista.

Some details:

Immortan Joe and his crazy ass outfit:

Immortan Joe

Imperator Furiosa and her sensible ensemble and the arm apparatus she’s rigged up:

Imperator Furiosa

Nux the War Boy:


My Outlander Dolls Met Diana Gabaldon

I hate to admit it, but some sets takes a lot more out of me than others, and Outlander happens to be one of them. It could be the plaid motif that makes me a bit more cross eyed than usual at the end of the long work day. Still, I cheerfully agreed to paint a mega set of eight for a fan because she was so sweet and I am such a big fan of both the book series and the show. I was told to take my time with this set but then she revealed that she’s going to an event in which the author Diana Gabaldon was to be present and she thought it would be neat to bring the dolls with her.

“I’ll get it to you before the event if you promise to get her to autograph it,” I said and went right to work. Since it’s such a big set, it took about a week to paint, but I got it done and it was shipped off to the US and I actually forgotten all about it until I got the nicest surprise in my inbox this weekend.

icm_fullxfull.83235800_mm8mc0y3p2s800cows80 icm_fullxfull.83235802_jv1mlrt20740oscsk0k4

I think I squealed and then wrote an incoherent reply to the sender of this delightful set of photos and then squealed some more.

Here’s a closeup of the Outlander set featuring Diana Gabaldon as the main doll:


In her hand I painted my cherished copy of the first volume of the series:


I’m so glad that even though I can’t be there in person to meet her, my dolls did!

An Indian Wedding

I’ve been wanting to paint a Bollywood set for the longest time…probably since I first got into the Babushka game. So you can believe me when I tell you I squealed when I received a set of photos to depict a couple at their wedding…it was an Indian one! Not only was it a dream fulfilled, but I also got to customize some metallic paints that I brought back from the US last year and haven’t had a chance to use.



Henna and everything! So happy this happened!

Scream Queens

I’d been wanting to paint the mean sorority girls of Scream Queens ever since its very first episode. Things came up, also I was adamant about sourcing the proper kind of faux fur fabric in order to recreate one Chanel Oberlin’s outrageous couture, so the whole thing took a while. In between painting the same sets and vastly intense new ones, I kind of like to decompress by doing something fun, something just for me, and these Scream Queen dolls are it!

Scream Queens

(Large to small) Chanel Oberlin, Chanel No.3 and Chanel No.5. Can’t wait for season two!

Laverne and Shirley

I think by now we are all aware how much of a TV fanatic I am. I have once chosen television over a boyfriend-of-the-moment (he had not been impressed by this decision) and I never did regret it.

Even though I’d spent the better part of my childhood in Taiwan, I still got a good dose of American television. My parents thought “Three’s Company” was hilarious and we were allowed to watch it even though all the jokes flew over our heads. There’d been a steady stream of “The Brady Bunch” and “I Love Lucy,” all of them dubbed in Mandarin. There’d also been “Happy Days,” and “Mork and Mindy,” and of course, “Laverne and Shirley.”

Laverne and Shirley

Can’t say I remember much of “Laverne and Shirley,” but I do somewhat recall a ton of shenanigans and of course, the big letter “L” stitched on Laverne’s clothes.


It’s great fun doing these classic TV sets because boy, does it bring back memories!

Type O Negative

Here’s a blast from my past; Type O Negative, a band I’d see along with White Zombies and Danzig and a host of other bands that had me pulling on my brother’s plaid shirts and hanging out at Roseland or something instead of finishing the myriad paintings that were due the next day.

type o negative

30 Rock

Moving to a new country at any age is not easy. I was fortunate enough to have landed in an English-speaking realm. Other than that, there are still a host of things to get used to such as Kookaburra attacks, calling appetizers “entrees,” converting currencies and measurements in my head and thus blowing a few fuses (as I mentioned before, math and I are not on first name basis), having to wear sunglasses just to hang up laundry…the fact that I have to hang up laundry instead of tossing the whole lot into the dryer, and sighing over the same but slightly different version of food and daily products that I was accustomed to. It can really do one’s head in. But the one constant is of course my first love—television. It has never disappointed me before and it still didn’t. I got through the first few tumultuous years in Australia by being able to tune into American television, and the one that helped tremendously is “30 Rock.” Not only is it well-written and quirky like the way I love my television, but it’s also shot in my old home NYC. Every week was like a brief visit back there and that had more than made up for trying to figure out why there seems to be a new prime minister every other year since I’ve been here.

30 Rock

Here’s some of the cast of “30 Rock” with (large to small) Jack Donaghy, Liz Lemon, Tracy Jordan,  Frank Rossitano, Jenna Maroney, and of course, the NBC page: Kenneth Parcell.


Here are some closeup shots of (left to right) Liz Lemon’s Mexican cheese puffs “Sabor de Soledad,” Tracy Jordan’s “EGOT” necklace, and Jack Donaghy’s drink.

It wasn’t easy trying to pick out a hat for Frank but I do enjoy pairing the words “karate” and “sluts” together. Here’s Jenna Maroney looking calm and collected, and there’s Kenneth in his full page regalia.


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