On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Someone requested a “Mean Girls” set a while back, which I agreed straight away although I didn’t see how I could find the time to paint it. But it got painted and here it is!

Mean Girls

This one features Cady Heron, Regina George, Karen Smith, Gretchen Wieners, and an itty bitty fruity cocktail drink served by Mrs. George after school on a Wednesday afternoon. So fetch!



This gorgeous little cocktail is provided by Everyday Gourmet.

The Double Doctor Who Mega Deluxe Super Special Set

When it rains, it pours, right? On the heel of the simple set of 5 Doctor Who ones I’d only just painted last month came a request for a super mega double set featuring all the actors playing Doctor Who (one of them twice). As I had too much going on in the sweatshop to begin with, I resorted to painting this set after hours, often times after after hours. My friends and acquaintances wonder why I sleep in most mornings and wake up cranky, this is why. At night, however, it’s a different Irene altogether. That’s when things get done!

Doctor Who cast

Both sets feature a Tardis each lovingly 3D printed by the Hubs.


Set A is:

William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy.

Set B is all about:


Peter Capaldi, Matt Smith, David Tennant, David Tennant with glasses, Christopher Eccelston, John Hurt, and Paul McGann.

Some details:

The Doctors Set A The Doctors set B

I got used to having bits and piece of the doctors and a Tardis or two sitting about the sweatshop in the last two months. Will definitely miss these little mascots  when they’re gone!

Doctor Who

Several people have, over the years, asked me to paint Doctor Who sets. It usually resulted to nothing as that show’s been on since the Dawn of Time and it was hard to secure the correct amount of dolls to recreate all the Doctors over the years. I myself am not too keen on the idea of painting the first doll as the Tardis, although many have done it and made it look good. As luck would have it, one of my returning customers requested a simple Doctor Who set this year…and the Tardis didn’t turn out so bad.

Doctor Who 2

This one features the 10th Doctor (David Tennant), Rose, Dalek, and the Weeping Angel.

I was very vocal about my dissatisfaction of having to paint the Tardis as a doll, so much so that the Hubs 3D printed me a mini Tardis.

Doctor Who

But wait, there’s more! I was so happy with the 3D Tardis that 2 more large ones were printed for an upcoming massive 14 Doctor Who dolls project (David Tennant gets to be painted twice for this one!).

Winter is Coming

The problem with painting sets of movies and shows featuring cast of thousands is trying to figure out just the right characters to paint. It is mostly why I haven’t tackled “Game of Thrones.” I have about 15 sets in mind just for this one show with more popping up. I figured this is one of those sets, much like the Harry Potter one, that I’ll only do upon request.

And then the request came. It was going to be a big set, it was going to be a birthday present, and it has to be painted in 5 days’ time. So coffee was brewed, ipods are loaded with podcasts from “Car Talk” and the latest thriller/murder mysteries, and frozen meals are defrosted just so I can crank this set out at warp speed. In addition to that there’s another huge project which I’m working on “after hours” and Cyclone Marsha swept through my neck of the woods so there’s also the threat of not being able to complete this job due to electric outage. In the end, everything turned out all right and I can now officially cross another set off my wish list.

Game of Thrones

From the largest to the smallest: Ned, Catelyn, Robb (yum!), and Arya Stark, followed by Hodor (with Bran Stark), Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Khal Drogo, the Mother of Dragons herself–Daenerys–and The Hound.

Game of Thrones2 Bran Stark

Danerys he Hound

Now, if there’s only a way to get rid of the Game of Thrones opening theme from going round in a constant loop in my head.

“I Said God Damn!”

 “Pulp Fiction” was a movie that got me into a lot of trouble. Because I was so enamored by the writing and the directing, I added two film classes whilst in college and wrote a couple of screenplays which not one but two unfortunate individuals had to read and grade. Being in those classes taught me something: I have no business being anywhere near the film industry except maybe at a showing.

Still, “Pulp Fiction” remained one of my favorite movies and I was more than a little bit pleased when someone asked me to paint a set. Her request got me to do another one since I wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome of Jules’ hair. Version 2 is slightly better, which is going straight to the Pygmy Hippo Shoppe as soon as I get my act together.

Pulp Fiction

Clockwise from left: Mia Wallace, Jules Winnfield, Vincent Vega, Butch Coolidge, and The Wolf.


It took a while for the buyer and myself to figure out just who to paint for this Dexter set. We got a bit distracted discussing Dexter’s brother Rudy (aka The Ice Truck Killer)’s hotness and had to both cool down in our respective corners. A few months passed and we were able to get right back in the game and she came up with a great list. It doesn’t feature ALL the creative psychopaths/murderers in the myriad seasons of Dexter, but the important ones are there!


Dark Passenger

Here’s Dexter and his Dark Passenger, the voice in his head that is more or less his superpower. I was able to find a photo of Dexter’s ID badge but printing it out was a horror story in its own as the printer and I don’t exactly have a good working relationship. But it got sorted in the end and I’m happy with the result.

unholy trinity

Rudy and Arthur Mitchell are two of my favorite killers on the show. Rudy’s holding the dismembered Barbie doll, his calling card as the Ice Truck Killer. Arthur Mitchell/Trinity Killer is painted with the T-shirt of the charity he works for and his weapon of choice. The baby is of course, Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s offspring.

Nobody tell me how the show ends! I’m about a season and a half behind! It’s hard to catch up on all your favorite shows when you have very little time outside the sweatshop! Now that the holiday season is over and I’m able to start working on the back orders at a normal pace, I’m hoping to finally get my hands on The Walking Dead, season two of Orphan Black and Outlander…with sets for them in mind!

Orphan Black

This new year is off to a great start! I’ve already crossed off a few items on my L-O-N-G list of sets I wanted to paint and here’s another one!

Orphan Black reminds me of a childhood friend wherein she could slip in and out of various personalities as we played our Barbies. No, we don’t pretend to pretty up Barbie and have her go on dates with Ken. We had a loud and obnoxious stage mother and her loser boyfriend, we had an immigrant from the tiny island of Anstankapan who married a washed out rock star (we liked to think that Courtney Love modeled herself after our Ophelia Minskoff). We had several low life drug dealers/addicts, hobos, slow-witted octuplets, Vietnam war vets, radio shock jocks constantly being punished for being inappropriate on air and were forced to play show tunes in our cast of thousands because we were keen observers of the human experience. We were also never asked to attend parties.

Orphan Black doesn’t go to the extremes in terms of what we used to do with our play acting, but it’s pretty close. That Tatiana Maslany is all sorts of amazing. I hoped that I did this set justice!

 Orphan Black5

Clockwise from the biggest doll: Sarah, Alison, crazy Helena, Rachel, and Cosima

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This is another one of those Jumbo Sets, yet not all the fun characters from the absurd comedy “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are included. It’s a lot of fun to paint, this one, although it took a really long time to get it going.

It's always sunny

This cast of 10 includes (clockwise from left): Frank, Sweet Dee, Mac, a bit of Greenman, Artemis, Gail the Snail and…

the gang

…all of Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Cricket, Waitress, and all of Greenman.

the gang2

The Fall

Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but my 2014 had been one heck of a roller coaster ride. Here’s to hoping 2015 will be a smoother one! Then again, without the occasional onslaught from the Great Organizer of the Universe, our lives would be pretty boring, wouldn’t it?

In any case, the time has come to produce a set that I’ll be donating to my friend Susie’s annual Birthday Charity Event. Every year she hosts a big birthday movie screening bash and simultaneously raises money for charity. Last year it was for homeless dogs and this year the honor goes to elephants. She never has to ask twice for me to get involved. I can be a bit of a cold fish at times as I have a tendency to laugh when small children falls down in front of me, but when it comes to suffering animals, I’m a goner. I can’t watch any movies starring animals because that’s the best way to get the waterworks started and then I’d be sad for the rest of the day.

This year the movie “The Fall” starring Lee Pace will be screened. I am a huge fan of costume designer Eiko Ishioka, whom, I believed, saved that J-Lo debacle “The Cell” from being a complete dud by producing the most magnificent garbs.


Since I’ve never heard of “The Fall” (but I have heard of Lee Pace so naturally I was interested), I had to look around a bit for visual references and the first one I came across blew me away.


It took about half a year for me to get to work on this set, but I’m pretty happy that it should become the first one of 2016!

The Fall

Nothing I do can really reflect the full majesty of this film, but it won’t stop me from planning a retrospective of Eiko Ishioka’s body of work…in nesting doll form!


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