Sons of Anarchy

I squealed like a piglet when someone asked me if I could quite possibly paint a set of Sons of Anarchy for his wife. First of all, this set has been on my wish list since forever. Second of all, how cool is he and his wife to want a set of SOA dolls? The only thing I’m not too thrilled about is that with my schedule the way it is, I couldn’t really work the motorcycles into this set like the way I saw it in my mind. But at least that’s another set off the wish list!

Sons of Anarchy

This jumbo set features the ten faves of the recipient: Jax (I really couldn’t see Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey, could you? Probably best that he’d turned down the role!), Opie, Chibs, Nero, Venus, Tig, Tara, Juice, Unser, and Clay.


Of course, the gang had to wear their club jackets!

My Little Pony

I had to admit I lost a few nights’ sleep thinking about this challenge presented to me: A My Little Pony set for a birthday birthday girl. But as always, when you leave something alone, a solution will nearly always present itself.

My Little Pony


After this was painted, I was all smug and got ready to work on the next item on the list when I happened to look at the notes about this set and realized I got the line up of the ponies completely wrong. The buyer was beyond understanding and was even willing to take this set as is except that’s not how I roll. Luckily she made a suggestion that got me to stop tearing my hair out and I made some minor adjustments:


Of course, there was another complication that came up when I thought this set was done and dusted and that had been yet another oversight on my part…what on earth was going on in the ol’ sweatshop?! In the end everything worked out and my takeaway from the many trials and tribulations is to ALWAYS CHECK EVERYTHING OVER TWICE. Or thrice.

The Saddest Time of Year

Yes, you know I’m spoiled when I complain about the glorious almost eternally sunny Gold Coast weather. Truth be told, this is the saddest time of year for me because I’m a true Autumn girl at heart. I love that nip in the air, the foliage turning from green to gold and red and crunching the ones on the street is all sorts of delicious. Most of all, my two favorite holidays–Halloween and Thanksgiving–are all in the mix. I get none of that here in Australia. While everyone is getting ready for summer, I grumpily swap my sweaters for flip flops and tank tops and take the plastic off the fan and dream about having the oven on all day to bake all sorts of yummy autumnal foodstuff.

To combat my sadness, I’ve decided to paint my annual Halloween set early. This year it is all about Rob Zombie and his band.

Rob Zombie

I was working on something else while thinking about this set and thought perhaps I ought to have a top hat 3-D printed for Mr. Zombie. It totally ties the whole thing together, wouldn’t you say?

This may not take place of what I’ve given up in the northern hemisphere, but at least I can go down to the beach and literally drown my sorrows in while trying to pet the pelicans.

The Walking Dead

The reason why it took so long for me to churn out this set was that I was torn between painting the zombies from this show or its human cast. Then, what with one thing after another, it was left on the back burner until I got a request for it. It’s a good thing that it took so long to get this set painted because I was able to custom print a Stetson for Rick Grimes!


This set includes:

Rick Stetson

Rick Grimes and his Stetson.

Walking Dead Cast

Glen, young Carl, The Gov, and Carol.


But let’s not forget Daryl and Michonne, who are total bad asses.

I was told that it’s hard to binge watch this show, and they were right, of course. But I had just binge watched the last 4 episodes of Game of Thrones the week before and although it had left me shaken, it had also desensitized me to that much more violence.

Resident Evil

I’m super excited about this set because it’s one of my “after hours” project and it took seemingly forever for it to be painted and now it’s finally finished! I’ve watched only one of the what appears to be dozens of the “Resident Evil” franchise and I’m going to have to watch all of them!

Resident Evil

Next up…”The Walking Dead”!

On another note: My friend Pacheco, whom I’ve written about a few times, has directed this amusing little ditty about kickstarter film projects, which you can catch here. Hey, if you gonna invest money in something, why not stuff like those revolutionary luggage and short films?

Death Becomes Her

I thought I was the only one who absolutely had to watch “Death Becomes Her” every time it’s on TV (which had been frequent when we still had cable). Turned out many people shared this unfathomable passion of mine. I’ve still got to paint one more version of this set, but the one I had in mind involved getting the Hubs down into his workshop with a sharp tool and punching two holes out of the Goldie Hawn doll.

Death Becomes Her

This one features Helen Sharp (yes, with the see through hole after her friend shot her), Madeline Ashton who is front to back, the hapless Mr. Ashton, er, I mean, Herman Menville, the unbelievably chic Lisle Von Rhuman and one of her man slave/butler.

Painting this set was great fun, which was much needed as I was suffering from my annual week-long bout of some sort of debilitating seasonal headache.

Thank You For Being a Friend

I have to admit that I really wasn’t feeling it when I was asked to paint this set, but when it was suggested that I make a cheesecake in lieu of a last doll, things started to click. “Golden Girls” was one of those shows that used to air on a weekend night when there was nothing else on and I had grudgingly tuned in. It turned out to be a pretty good show but I was always mildly alarmed at the fashion on the ladies for some reason. But painting it was actually quite fun.

Golden Girls

(Largest to smallest) Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia. Then there’s the cheesecake.


I had two cheesecakes 3D printed because I wasn’t sure which one would be better. Two is usually better than one!


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