Parks and Recreation

I’ve been a fan of this show since season 1, but never got around to watch the subsequent seasons. The topic of painting this set had been raised a few times in the past, but it wasn’t until an urgent request as a Christmas present that I finally got around to painting it…as well as watching the rest of the seasons more or less in one gulp.

Parks and Recreation

(Largest to smallest) Leslie, Ann, Ron, Tom, and Chris. The very last “doll” is a little waffle!


The best part about my job is that I get to binge watch as many shows as I want during the long hours I spend standing at my work table. But it’s gotten so that I have trouble sitting in front of the TV without anything to do on the side. It’s a blessing and it’s a curse. On one hand, I get things done. On the other, I have trouble relaxing.

Family Portraits

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some family portrait sets so here they are!

This one is of a very lovely family. I kind of wish that pink star shirt comes in my size now.



And look! A bully!

This one features Rachel Bloom of the CW show “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” It’s meant to be a Hey-You-Won-A-Golden-Globe-Congratulations-So-Awesome! present from her friends and family to her.

Bloom Set

The last doll is, of course, a Golden Globe.


I spent a few days thinking about how best to proceed with the Golden Globes award. Finally, I had the Hubs 3D print the base of the item and then went through my giant box of beads and got it all sorted out!

And here’s the nicest customer appreciation photos from the couple!


Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 11.00.47 pm


My husband would be the first to tell you that I’m the least romantic person in the world. He’s not wrong. But it does save him from having to remember anniversaries and he can spend money meant for roses and candies on beer and bangers. But I do enjoy reading a historical romance or two, most notably the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon, Queen of my Universe. The tomes she produce are vast and meaty with all sorts of goodies. It more or less ruined all historical fictions for me after reading one of hers.

It was why I was really reluctant to watch the “Outlander” TV series even though I had heard nothing but good stuff about it. The cast was amazing, the script fabulous. I have the entire season 1 on my tablet but I sort of wanted to savor it like a tasty treat you hide under your pillows, away from prying eyes, until you can greedily gobble it up. What with one thing or another, I never got around to watching it until a request for it came and then I had no choice.

It turned out to be a fabulous experience. I cleared a week in my schedule to really focus on the details whilst watching the show in the meanwhile.


Here we have (from largest to smallest) Jamie Fraser (yum!), Claire, Black Jack Randall, Frank Randall, Dougal Mackenzie, Geillis Duncan (who is still by far my favorite secondary character in any literature. She ought to get her own book!), and of course, the jolly Mrs. Fitz.

To add icing to the cake, this is the 700th set I’ve painted!

Mad Men

Here’s another series that I need to get on top of, but I did enjoy painting this set tremendously even though I’ve only seen a tiny handful of the episodes. The thing with painting these sets is that you spend so much time by yourself and the character(s) you’re working on that you tend to develop a fondness and a weird sort of understanding for them even if you don’t know what the hell you’re painting!


(From largest to smallest) Don draper, Betty Draper, Roger Sterling, Pete Campbell, Peggy Olson, Joan Harris, and little Sally Draper.

A Paul Weitz Retrospective

I was asked to create a set featuring characters from all ten films directed by Paul Weitz for his birthday. This came right after the My Little Pony debacle and just to show that I learned my lesson, I read over the notes many many times before picking up my paintbrush.


(From largest to smallest)

Lily Tomlin in “Grandma”, Hugh Grant (and the boy) in “About a Boy,” Jason Biggs in “American Pie,” Robert DeNiro in “Being Flynn,” Topher Grace in “In Good Company,” Dennis Quaid in “American Dreamz,” Tina Fey in “Admission,” Chris Rock in “Down to Earth,” John C. Reilly in “Cirque du Freak,” and Ben Stiller in “Little Fockers.”

IMG_3075 IMG_3073


Happy Birthday, Mr. Weitz!


Happy New Year!

Once again, I have the honor of presenting my friend Susie with a set of dolls for her annual birthday party auction (this time for the pitbull rescue org) as the first set of the year. I’d done the Ghostbusters once…a long long time ago and was just thinking about revisiting it again, and here we are! This time I got to add in two extra characters from the movie: Stay Puft and Zuul the Gatekeeper.



My favorite character is still Slimer. He speaks for the gluttonous slob in all of us during this holiday season.

Proton Packs

There are a few things in this world that I’d rather paint just once and never again, and the proton packs are one of them. I find that I can get through the most tedious painting sessions by putting on a Rifftrax movie or a MST3K episode. For this session I tuned into the one movie I always said they would have to put a gun to my head for me to watch unironically, and that’s “Birdemic.” If that movie’s a homage to Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” then I’ll bet the poor guy’s spun so much in his grave he’s spilled himself out of it.

But anyway, let’s hope this new year will be a great one!

Cry Baby

As much as I loved John Waters’ movies, I’ve never seen “Cry Baby.” Emi at the Pygmy Hippo Shoppe talked me into watching it, promising that I would like it and I did! Especially the very pregnant Ricki Lake!

Cry Baby

Here we have (largest to smallest) Wade “Cry Baby” Walker, Allison Vernon-Williams, Pepper Walker, Wanda Woodward, and Mona “Hatchet-Face” Malnorowski. It reminds me a little of those 50s movies about teenagers (“Reefer Madness” anyone?) that the guys on MST3K used to spoof but with better music.

Pink Flamingos

Years ago, I went with a date to the Angelika Film Center to see an anniversary showing of “Pink Flamingos” and was both amused and horrified by it. Several people walked out in the middle of the movie. It’s not the kind of film you go and see on a first date, but I was in art school at the time so this sort of thing was a given. Little did I know then that I would one day be asked to create dolls based on John Waters movies.

It was a lot of fun creating this set. I had to watch a tutorial on how to make a tutu, hunt through the mess that is my supply closet to find the right color of roving wool, study the great Divine’s photographs to recreate her outrageous make up and basically learn how to make a miniature 60’s beehive wig. It was worth it in the end because this happened:


I love her so much that I wanted to be photographed with her.

Pink Flamingos

It took a while, but I managed to get the rest of the cast painted:


Edie, Raymond Marbles, and a little pile of dog poop in lieu of the last doll.


There’s also Connie Marbles, Cotton, and Crackers with a chicken (no, let’s not discuss what he did with that chicken…).

Hairspray (The Original Version)

It was great fun listening to John Waters reading “Carsick” to me as I was painting, so much so that I was absolutely delighted when the Pygmy Hippo Shoppe requested a series of dolls based on John Waters films. It’ll give me an excuse to watch it as I paint.

Of course, the first one is “Hairspray,” which shocked me when I watched it for the first time years ago because it was nothing like “Pink Flamingos.”


This one features Tracy in the fabulous roach dress, Edna after her makeover, Wilbur with his joke shop chicken, Motormouth Maybelle, Tracy’s BFF Penny Pingleton, her beau Seaweed, and of course, the Elvis lookalike Link Larkin.


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