Here on the Inside

The official mascot of Bo Bo Babushka:

Slumpin 20-13-57 2

Bo Bo!

* * *

Believe it or not I have a proper studio space at my home in Oz. At my mom’s house I have a  “painting corner” where sometimes I work on several jobs simultaneously while entertaining a bulldog—so excuse the mess! Half the stuff I paint here are done one-handed.

* * *

Can you spot your favorite dolly?


* * *

n1101052611_385561_7762305 DSCF3803

4 thoughts on “Here on the Inside”

  1. I discovered your clock work orange dolls a while back and have been waiting for my friends bday to purchase the set for her, it’s this MONTH!!! Are the dolls still available? If so how much, and how long/much to deliver to Queensland Australia ?

  2. Thank you for sharing these! O;) it’s so funny she made a Mexican wrestler, have you heard Emma Roberts Mexican wrestler song before, ! O;) I love the multicolored one and the knight ! She made a knight ! O:) so creative, 💗

  3. Robert Mendez said:

    I am interested in the divine nesting dolls.

  4. Sarah DeLand said:

    I’m interested in the Polyester nesting dolls. Are they available?

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