If you follow me on Facebook, you might’ve notice that a few posts ago I cracked myself up posting a link to the Saturday Night Live Wes Anderson parody trailer entitled: “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders.” It was right around the time I did “The Strangers,” one of my favorite horror films so the combination of masked home invaders and Wes Anderson really spoke to the oddball weirdo in me (and a lot of you too, I’m sure).

So I was more than a little thrilled when the guy behind the SNL fake commercials and film trailer unit contacted me about painting a couple of sets of popular SNL characters as Christmas presents. The timing was a bit tight, but there must be some magic in the air because I cranked out 7 sets of dolls (that’s 35 in all, mind you), made 7 little hats and sewed 7 veils in less than one week, and one day ahead of schedule. I like to call this a Christmas miracle.

Saturday Night Live dolls


The bulk of the set consists of (clockwise from left) Louis CK as Abe Lincoln, Bill Hader as Stefon (when he married Anderson Cooper), Kristen Wiig in the Red Flag perfume ad, the chainsaw intruder from Midnight Coterie, and of course, Fred Armisen as Ian Rubbish.


This one is more or less the same except with Christopher Waltz as Djesus Uncrossed and Bill Hader as the lead actor of a British movie trailer.

I like to point out that I did not resort to using decals of any sort on Stefon’s shirt. That is 100% old school step-by-step painting!

You can check out the trailers here.

I also got to paint, after the dust cleared, another SNL set of fives featuring “We Did Stop” and “Ju-On” parodies…


…as well as two MASSIVE sets of the original SNL characters!