As this is the new year, I figured I ought to do some new things to old sets. Here’s a Life Aquatic set, except the crew in this one are wearing their scuba gear. This was a lot of fun to paint since I get to work with metallic paints and change everything up!

Life Aquatic scuba


Steve’s spear gun.


I use pelican cases in real life thanks to the Hubs’ penchant for seafaring adventures, so I didn’t even bother with photo references to knock this one out!


Vikram Ray documenting everything as always, even on a rescue mission.


Ever since I got my industrial size magnifying lamp, I have very little trouble painting itty bitty dolls, but this one was still a bit of a challenge since he was “this big.”

By that I mean:


If you think that one’s tiny, check this one out:


I had to paint two of this set simultaneously and was a bit dismayed to see how small the second set was. But as whining tends to get me nowhere since I’m usually the only one in the sweatshop at any given time, I snipped a few more hairs off my paintbrush and thanked my optometrist for recommending the super contact lens that costs more than my monthly rent and here we are.