When I was still playing the piano, artists such as Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Ben Folds, basically anyone who made playing piano not look like a chore that has to be tended to for an hour a day, was pointed out to me (although not by my piano teacher since she’s all about technique and would’ve made Tori Amos sit properly on the bench if she’d seen her play). Rufus Wainwright was amongst one of them.

But I wasn’t aware of the fact that he came from a musical family. Everyone in his family wielded an instrument or two. How cool is that? The only shared talent in my family is the ability to sit through a 40+ episode miniseries marathon over a single weekend.


Clockwise from left: Rufus on his piano, Loudon his dad on the banjo, Kate his mom on the accordion, Lucy his sister on the guitar, and Martha his other sister in short shorts and on a guitar also.