It took a while for the buyer and myself to figure out just who to paint for this Dexter set. We got a bit distracted discussing Dexter’s brother Rudy (aka The Ice Truck Killer)’s hotness and had to both cool down in our respective corners. A few months passed and we were able to get right back in the game and she came up with a great list. It doesn’t feature ALL the creative psychopaths/murderers in the myriad seasons of Dexter, but the important ones are there!


Dark Passenger

Here’s Dexter and his Dark Passenger, the voice in his head that is more or less his superpower. I was able to find a photo of Dexter’s ID badge but printing it out was a horror story in its own as the printer and I don’t exactly have a good working relationship. But it got sorted in the end and I’m happy with the result.

unholy trinity

Rudy and Arthur Mitchell are two of my favorite killers on the show. Rudy’s holding the dismembered Barbie doll, his calling card as the Ice Truck Killer. Arthur Mitchell/Trinity Killer is painted with the T-shirt of the charity he works for and his weapon of choice. The baby is of course, Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s offspring.

Nobody tell me how the show ends! I’m about a season and a half behind! It’s hard to catch up on all your favorite shows when you have very little time outside the sweatshop! Now that the holiday season is over and I’m able to start working on the back orders at a normal pace, I’m hoping to finally get my hands on The Walking Dead, season two of Orphan Black and Outlander…with sets for them in mind!