This new year is off to a great start! I’ve already crossed off a few items on my L-O-N-G list of sets I wanted to paint and here’s another one!

Orphan Black reminds me of a childhood friend wherein she could slip in and out of various personalities as we played our Barbies. No, we don’t pretend to pretty up Barbie and have her go on dates with Ken. We had a loud and obnoxious stage mother and her loser boyfriend, we had an immigrant from the tiny island of Anstankapan who married a washed out rock star (we liked to think that Courtney Love modeled herself after our Ophelia Minskoff). We had several low life drug dealers/addicts, hobos, slow-witted octuplets, Vietnam war vets, radio shock jocks constantly being punished for being inappropriate on air and were forced to play show tunes in our cast of thousands because we were keen observers of the human experience. We were also never asked to attend parties.

Orphan Black doesn’t go to the extremes in terms of what we used to do with our play acting, but it’s pretty close. That Tatiana Maslany is all sorts of amazing. I hoped that I did this set justice!

 Orphan Black5

Clockwise from the biggest doll: Sarah, Alison, crazy Helena, Rachel, and Cosima