It’s high time I revisit a classic. Now that my niece is older and will most likely inherit my stash of children’s literature, I’ve been mentally sorting through my catalog of books and Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “The Secret Garden” refuses to make way for any others. I got my first copy through the Troll Book Club in the third grade—back when I barely understood English, but boy, was that book cover enchanting. A girl poking around a secret garden behind a huge scary house. Forget after school art classes! Give me Hooked on Phonics so I could read this book on my own! Even back then I knew this book would be my cup of tea!

Dickon, Mary, and a surly Colin. I know, I know, he cheered up eventually, but I still liked the disagreeable brat he was throughout most of the book.

A close up of Mary’s basket. If you look closely you can see Hector the Hedgehog peeking out.

Even though I adored the stage version of “The Secret Garden,” I liked the movie more because Dickon got to play with a ton a little woodland critters.

We feed an injured crow that’s shacked up in our backyard, so I had to feature Mr. Poe (an apt name for this bird, don’t you agree?) in this set.

Here’s Colin Craven in his wheelchair. Have you ever looked at a Victorian wheelchair? It’s as though someone’s nailed a set of wheels onto a comfy chair and then called it a day.

Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to go and dig up my copy of “The Secret Garden” and have a quick read before it makes its way to my niece!