It seemed that every time Wes Anderson has a new film out, I’m in the States and therefore able to attend a screening in a proper theater with a bag of popcorn firmly anchored on my lap. It is fortunate that I’m around this time also to catch “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, a set of this movie had to be painted. No doubt!

Grand Budapest Hotel

Here we have (clockwise from left) Monsieur Gustave H, Agatha, Zero, J.G. Jopling, Madame Céline Villeneuve Desgoffe-und-Taxis, and of course, Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis.

Some close ups:


J.G. Jopling’s skull rings.


The Desgoffe-und-Taxises.


The lovely Agatha with her birthmark and accessories.

The best thing about this movie was the Mendl’s cake. Since I’m a lazy baker, I prefer to look at photos of it instead of attempting to replicate it.


This cake is what dreams are made of. But for those of you who have the drive and the will to recreate this delicious treat, here’s a link to the recipe.

Have fun!