Ever since Seth Meyers took over the Late Night spot, I’ve been getting a couple of emails from people asking if I’m willing to paint them a Stefon doll of their very own. As taxing as it was to recreate that crazy Ed Hardy he wears over and over again, I don’t have the heart to say no. These people are so very nice and understanding and they come up with some amazing ideas for the remaining dolls to keep me from being bored. If it weren’t for the general public challenging me at every turn, I’d have long ago moved on to something different like weaving tapestries of bulldogs or balloon animal art.

Here are some of the SNL sets I’ve been asked to create:

weekend update

This one features Stefon and the Weekend Update anchors with Seth Meyers, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.

Seth Tina AmyAnd who’s that guy in the end? Why, that’s a Hoomba (as described by Stefon)!


Here’s another version:

SNL dolls

This one features Stefon, Fred Armisen as a Californian, Andy Samburg as Nicholas Cage, and Will Ferrel and Cheri Oteri as the Cheerleaders.

cheerleaders DSCF0238

The Stefon doll is veil optional!


This one is for a lady who runs a Bill Hader website, so she’s asked for Stefon, Devon, and Vinny Vedecci.



This one features also Jebidiah Atkinson, Drunk Uncle, Babushka Lady, and Jenjamin Franklin.

DSCF0328 jenjamin franklin

This set features some of the people Stefon encountered at the nightclubs:



Someone sent me this photo. Thanks for that!