It seems like all I’ve been doing for the past 5 years is putting my life in boxes and trash bins and wrangling with packing tape. Was I hoping this year I wouldn’t have to move? Of course! But I’m thrilled about this, though. We’re still at the same address, but we’re movin’ on up to the top level of the house! After two years of bantering and arguing with the Hubs in our shared sweatshop, I will have my very own little room to paint! There’s a window in my new sweatshop that looks into the Hubs’ home office, but luckily it closes.

In the meanwhile, everything is on hiatus while I pack and attempt to rid my current unit of any evidence of me having carelessly dripped paint and left imprints of insects I’ve killed. There’s a very nice lady moving in here and I don’t want her to have to confront the aftermath of an ant invasion!


I could’ve sworn I got rid of all this stuff at my parents’ last year…how on earth did it end up here?