Ever feel like you need a little magical help? The Good Luck Faeries might just be the charm you need!

These single babushka faery dollies are all about practical magic. You won’t catch them spreading that pesky faery dust around!

Need some help in the garden? Maybe the Green Thumb Faery can help! She got her wand and her trusty garden gnome and she’s ready to help make that sulky little plant grow!

Wish it would snow already? The Let It Snow Faery might just conjure up some flakes…that is, if you promise to leave a couple of chocolate chips on your window sill for her snow man pal.

The Good Grades Faery will not help you cheat on a test. Oh no. Her task is to help you focus and keep you motivated so you can get through the study sessions without incident.

The Bake Good Faery won’t make a cake for you, of course. But she will hover around as you bake and keep you from mixing salt up with sugar or help your icing from mottling.

Wicked thoughts are creeping up again? When you need special help to be good as pie, the Bee Good Faery will come to your aid! She will give you a jar of honey to keep your thoughts sweet and your dispositions even sweeter!

The faeries will be sold separately in my etsy shop soon! (Pixie dust not included)

On a very happy note, Amy of Pikaland has featured BoBo Babushka in her outrageously fascinating blog about illustrators from around the world. Without people like Amy, we won’t have a clue  as to what kind of creative people are out there, making beautiful things. (Click on “Featured on Pikaland” on my sidebar to get yourself to Pikaland!) Thank you Amy! You totally rock!