Rosemary’s Baby

This is one of my all-time favorite horror movies: Rosemary’s Baby. It was filmed so that it’s basically a moving picture version of the novel by Ira Levin.

This set features Rosemary, Guy Woodhouse, and their creepy witchy neighbors Roman and Minnie Castevet. I pop this movie on whenever I feel a little homesick because I used to work across the street from The Dakota.


Girl Power

There’s one good thing I like about the newer Disney princesses. They’re misfits and strong-willed, they kick butts, and they get things done. After being snottily told by my downstairs neighbor that I was weird, I feel like I have a few things in common with some of these princesses. If I’m not weird, I wouldn’t be who I am, would I?

This collection of Disney Princesses is for a little girl turning four. I sincerely hope she will see beyond the pretty outfits and gleaming castles and learn to be just as fierce and independent as these ladies!

The Goonies

How’s this for a 80’s nostalgia? The Goonies!

This set features Sloth, Chunk, Data, Mouth, and Mikey. Boy, painting this set brought me back. My childhood was all about biking all around town and getting into all sorts of trouble. Even though I grew up in Flushing Queens, there’s the Fresh Meadows Park nearby that kind of gives the illusion of being in the wild if you ignore the traffic noise and the diesel fumes while you’re pretending to hunt of prehistoric animals or treasures in there. It was as good a childhood as one could get growing up in New York City. Years later, when I was teaching kindergarten in Manhattan, I was shocked and sadden to find that one of my favorite kids didn’t know what a forest was. Luckily in second grade they’re taken on field trips to Alley Pond Park, which was also near where I grew up so I was mollified.

Manos: The Hands of Fate (Revisited)

I have so many projects sitting on the back burner that it’s threatening to topple over. Fortunately, there are always people out there somehow psychically linked to what I have in mind giving me a little push.

That said, one of those projects is to create a larger version of Manos: Hands of Fate, one of the most horrifically awful movies ever made. I’ve made the first one in a smaller size as a joke because I’d enjoyed watching the MST3K version so much. It was also a movie I showed to someone on a first date, which explains why I didn’t usually get a second date. In any case, the Manos sets were not something I can whip up in a day because of all the components that goes into it, namely the creation of the Master’s robe, so I never really gave the larger size a go.

Then I got a lovely email from one of the actresses from the movie: Jackey Neyman Jones, daughter of Tom Neyman, who played the Master. I knew from other Manos fans that she is making a sequel to Manos and also that her father had only recently passed away, which had upset me to a degree only a true Manos fan can understand. In short, I found her so delightful that I thought this was a sign, that I need to finally buckle down and create a large Manos set and she would be the first to receive it. Just to give me another kick in the pants, Jackey had sent me a copy of her book: “Growing Up with Manos” all the way to Australia!

Thanks, Jackey! I can’t wait to see the sequel!

Music Fan Set

I’ve always wanted to paint a group of dolls featuring some random musicians, not just a band, but different artists to represent different genres or style or whatever. Ever since I started the babushka game, I realized that A. there are tons of like-minded people out there and B. they usually make my dreams come true.

Here’s a set for a music fan featuring performers he likes:

We have Stevie Nicks in her “Stand Back” outfit, Boy George with his trademark chapeau, George Michael (RIP) in “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” , Stuart Anderson, and Dolly Parton.

I’ve been making wigs and sculpting hair on dolls for so long that crafting Stuart Anderson’s ‘do was no problem. It was Dolly Parton I had the most fun with because I never had an opportunity to sculpt breasts on a doll before and that was a treat. It brings me back to my art school days where I did horribly in my sculpture class because I simply couldn’t get the clay to go the way I wanted to. But practice does make perfect and now I can make a pair of boobs without one looking as though it’s ashamed to be with the other.

A Whole New (Doctor Who) World

I love doing Doctor Who sets largely because my version consists of 3D printed Tardis as the first doll. A while back I did a massive set with all the Doctors so I was glad to switch it up this time to include other key players in the series:

Once again, this is a double set. #1 features David Tennant with Donna Noble, Rose Tyler, and River Song. #2 consists of Matt Smith, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and the War Doctor.

Outlander In the Wild

I always knew there’s a reason why I love Thanksgiving so much. In the beginning it’s all about the gluttonous aspect of this holiday. But lately, I am starting to appreciate the main reason why there’s a day set aside for being thankful. It’s becoming so that I want every day to be Thanksgiving, but not only because I do like a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings. I am so thankful for so many things in my life and just acknowledging that once a year is not enough.

The greatest thing I’m thankful for is the people who have the faith in having me paint their favorite obsession in doll form. I love communicating with them and brainstorming ideas and coming up with something I hope they will cherish for a very long time. And, this is something I never expected, sometimes they take their dolls out into the wild and have the person(s) I painted autograph it!

These are the two mega Outlander sets I made for Lindsey of SoCal Outlander group, who had the foresight to bring it to the Seattle Comic Con to show to the two leads, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Belfe. She even got them to look as though their side hustle is hawking BoBo Babushka dolls in this pic!

This is just as exciting as another customer had brought her set to a tea with Diana Gabaldon, creator of the Outlander books and have her pose with it!

No matter how tedious my day is, or dealing with all sorts of tomfoolery perpetrated by my completely insane neighbors, I am still thankful and grateful that I get to live the kind of life I’ve always wanted and that it’s exceeded beyond my expectations.


“Clue” was one of the first movies I remember seeing in the theater when I first moved to New York. It was a fun little romp and I adored the board game, mainly because it came with little miniature weapons and we all know how mad I am about miniatures! I wasn’t about to turn down a request to paint a set of “Clue” when it was presented to me and here it is!


Just for fun I was asked to paint the characters holding weapons, because why not?


Check it Out! With Dr. Steve Brule

Sometimes when I don’t feel I can give a television show 100% of my complete and utter devotion, I go for shorts, something nonsensical and speaks directly to my soul. That something, of course, are any shows involving Tim and Eric from Adult Swim. I was watching “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job” when an email came through asking if I would mind doing a trio of dolls featuring Dr. Steve Brule, Jan and Wayne Skylar. Mind? Mind?! The only downside to this project was that I had to slough through other piles of projects before getting to this one!


I did a tiny John C. Reilly doll for another set a while back and built a tiny afro wig for him so I was quite excited to do another one on a larger scale.