Super Family Portrait

This one is a gift for my sister-in-law’s work colleague. She explained that he is obsessed with Superman and there’s some sort of disloyalty with peanut butter preferences and a love of margaritas. Too easy! I had a blast banging out this set, along with his daughters, who were also outfitted in superheroine costumes.



When I was three or four years old, I was given this “interactive” toy that plays music and had a screen of some sort which made it look like a TV set. I recall sitting in my playroom with this thing and wishing that it’s an actual TV set and it’s all mine and I didn’t have to share it with anyone. Then I wished that when I was an adult and had to get a job, I would get one that enable me to watch TV shows and movies all day every day. Know what? Both wishes came true. I don’t actually have a TV set in my work room per se, but I do have a portable DVD player and two tablets I can watch TV shows off from. As for watching shows for a living, what I do now comes close. Often times I am asked to paint characters from movies and shows I haven’t seen and I will have no choice but to binge it out. Poor me, right? Tee hee hee.

“Preacher” is a show I have been interested in checking out but never did get around to. A recent request to paint some of the characters finally got me to tune in. What a trip! It is even more fun to paint it!

This one features The Saint of Killers, Jesse Custer, Cassidy, and Tulip O’Hare.

A Little Shop of Horrors Reprise

Many many many moons ago I made a Little Shop of Horrors set with a non-working Audrey II. By non-working I mean it’s basically just a Papier-mâché plant that won’t open. It’s been haunting me ever since the set was completed. Every now and then I catch myself looking up at the moon and thinking about what I can do to make it even more extra.

This is the older version:

I will admit that I had a lot of fun papier-mâché-ing Audrey II. It still has a place of honor in front of the TV set.

But you know how it is when you’re looking at something online and one thing leads to another (I now know how to fully furnish an underground bunker, thanks to one of my after midnight forays into the interwebs), I found an old Maxwell coffee can, the same one Seymour used in the movie when he first bought Audrey II and things sort of spiraled from there.

This is the new and improved Audrey II. The plant structure itself, I’m happy to say, now opens. Most of the leaves and vines are papier-mâchéd. As this is one of those sets I constructed after after hours, I more or less use what was sitting around to make the greens, including utilizing hardanger fabric meant for embroidery, wires I filched from the Hubs, and tissue papers saved from something someone sent me. I suppose years of working as a public school art teacher has taught me to successfully scavenge for supplies!

As the plant now opens, I can happily put in the core cast from the movie. Here’s Seymour Krelborn and Chiffon, Crystal and Ronette…

…along with Audrey, Dr. Orin Scrivello D.D.S., and of course, Mr. Mushnik.

The Ultimate Babs Johnson Set

I’m the first to admit I’m not the most fashionable person in the world. Once, when I was the dance teacher, a job that I believed was handed down to me out of pity and desperation, the only thing that got me up in the morning was the knowledge I could spend the day in sweat pants. Nevertheless, I do appreciate fashion and what people can do with bits of fabric and a fabulous sense of color. This is why every now and then I feel the need to paint something fashion-y and what’s better than going through “Pink Flamingos” and examining each outfit Babs Johnson wore piece by piece? This is the outcome.

Naturally, what with Babs being the “filthiest person alive” and all, the seventh “doll” is a pile of poo.

Happy Halloween!

I never have to think long and hard for my annual Halloween sets. The list is a mile long and growing. I am thrilled that I actually had the time this year to make this particular set, the main doll being the Cenobite from “Hellraiser.”

I sort of wanted this one to be more about the supernatural killers, but I can’t help lumping Captain Spaulding from “House of 1000 Corpses” in here. These ones are so much fun to paint. Maybe next year I’ll get around to painting an all-female killer cast…or even one featuring children! The possibilities are endless!

Happy Halloween!

New Updates

I’d been looking at some older sets I’ve done years ago and haven’t had a chance to do it again and was hit with a sense of nostalgia. Some of those sets were painted in a corner of the dining table, or at my parents’ house when I visited with my little bulldog Bo snoozing at my feet. Those had been simpler, pleasant times and I decided to have a go at it again, and also to see if my skillz have improved over the years.

The first of the revivals was of course, “Small Wonder,” a very strange little sitcom about a man who secretly built himself a Roomba/Rosie Jetson the Maid  in the form of a little girl.

Vicki the robot “slept” in a little cupboard in the boy’s room and her existence was solely to clean up after the Lawson family as well as complicating their lives when caught doing un-little girl like things such as lifting up the couch so she could hoover under it. Harriet the neighbor was often seen eavesdropping and making inappropriate advances on little Jamie Lawson so that he can now rightfully #metoo on all conceivable social platforms. A show like this would never ever exist in today’s society so maybe that’s why I still love it so much.

These next updates were long in coming. I was never entirely happy with the first versions. The Mighty Boosh is a difficult one to configure because of the enormous cast, and also two of my favorites were basically a moon and a head with tentacles. But I figured it out.

This smaller version features Howard Moon and Vince Noir from season one, with Old Gregg with his Bailey’s and watercolor, Naboo the Shaman and Bollo the ape.

This deluxe version also features Howard and Vince but in different togs, Bollo, Old Gregg, Naboo, Tony Harrison, and, since there was still room for one more, the Moon, who is my favorite character on the show after Tony Harrison.

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

Every year around this time I would have to screen “Beetlejuice.” Unlike most, I actually watched the Beetlejuice cartoon series first and found Beetlejuice and his relationship with Lydia kind of cute, albeit in that teen-girl-hanging-out-with-a-slightly-inappropriate-uncle sort of way in the animated series. But I get it. I had an older male baby-sitter, who, in retrospect, was really just a high school senior at the time, but he had a full beard and a luscious mullet and was slightly larger than average so I had always figured him to be in his 40s and he would often ride off into the sunset with my newly acquired dirt bike, vowing never to return, but then he would, armed with homemade cassette tapes of his drum solo. Looking back, he is really awesome and I was lucky to have him instead of someone from The Baby-sitters Club who would be all up in my business with coloring books and solving my 8-year-old problems for me. No thanks.

Anyway, I have done a Beetlejuice set a long time ago and always meant to update it, perhaps with Lydia in her red wedding gown. It didn’t happen this time, which means there’s always the next. I did do something fun with the Maitlands, though, and added Miss Argentina into the mix.

At this go, I have almost the right shade of green wool to make Beetlejuice’s hair, although it did have to be dirtied up slightly.

Making Lydia’s hair was fun although I would have preferred to make that enormous wide brimmed hat.

This version of Adam and Barbara Maitland made them seem a lot less vanilla and a lot more fun to paint!

Mad Max 2 Road Warrior

There’s something so Yin and Yang about double sets, or in this case, Good and Evil. It took a while for this set to materialize, but that’s only because I went a bit overboard with the details (so what else is new?).

This set features the second of the Mad Max trilogy: Road Warrior.

The “Good” set features Max himself, Gyro Captain, Warrior Woman, Feral Kid, and Max’s dog.

The second “Evil” set is all about: Lord Hummungus, Wez, Bearclaw Mohawk, Bad Cop, and Toadie.

“I’m just here for the gasoline.”