Nightmare Before Christmas

When I was asked to paint this set, I thought about saying no, but only for about a second. “Nightmare Before Christmas” was one of my favorite movies and I wasn’t sure if I could do it justice. The characters all have very distinctive shapes to them that I didn’t think it would translate very well on nesting dolls. But I liked a good challenge now and again and here it is:

Nightmare Before Christmas

Left to right: Oogie Boogie, The Mayor of Hallowee Town, Sally, Dr. Finkelstein, Jack Skellington, and Zero.

Some details:


Sally’s vision of the Christmas tree before it was burned to smithereens.

Jack Skellington

Jack’s snowflake.


Oogie Boogie’s snake-filled dice.

Happy Mayor Unhappy Mayor

The two faces of the Mayor.


Zero with a little jack-o-lantern for a nose.

Mini Star Wars

The reason why I don’t sell Star Wars in my etsy shop is this: There are way too many characters to paint! People would approach me time and again and ask me to paint their favorites, which I’m happy to do, but unless the subject is broached, I pretty much keep mum over the fact that yes, I do paint Star Wars to the general public.

mini star wars

I’d been hoping also that someone would ask for a mini set. They’re so cute, and I can whip them out lickety split. And it was so much fun to make mini buns on Princess Leia!


Look how cute she is!


A few weeks ago I received a really nice email from a really nice young man inquiring about my work. Since my interaction with people outside my sweatshop is exceptionally limited, I enjoy these occasional emails. One thing led to another, and I found myself firing up the newest addition to Casa BoBo Babushka and 3D printed a witch’s hat. Why? Because I was asked to make the awesome characters from the most excellent stoner webcomic collection “Megahex” by the excellent Simon Hanselmann.


I always feel some misgivings about emulating other people’s art work in doll form, but as this was to be gifted to Mr. Hanselmann himself, I figured it’s all right.

As this was a bit of a rush job, I didn’t get a chance to take a proper photo. There were edits made on this one, but the idea is more or less there.

Mega Hex

This set features Megg, a drug addicted witch, her cat Mogg, and their friends Werewolf Jones and Owl. I also kicked in a tiny dime bag of (pretend) weed for good measure. Definitely not a set for children!

(Close up of Megg and her magnificent nose)



Even though he lived with parents and I only got to see him once a year, Bo and I were the best of friends and his awesomeness was unparallelled. Be a good boy in doggie heaven, my Bo.


A Present for Mom

Can you believe that my own mama doesn’t even have a set of dolls painted by yours truly? Sure, she’s got a rare wine cask doll, which she uses to explain to visitors just exactly what it is I do with my life should the topic arise…quite unsuccessfully, I imagine.

“So…your daughter paints nesting dolls?” I can picture these visitors asking as they stare dumbly at the single wooden item Mom presents them. “I thought nesting dolls means there are more dolls nesting inside.”

“Yes, but,” Mom will attempt to explain that wine cask dolls are the same but different in as such that one stows a forbidden bottle of liquor inside as an effort to mask a penchant for drink…which is moot in my mother’s case as the only alcoholic beverage she imbibes is if it’s slathered on a rum cake.

So I painted her this set for her birthday this year. The subject matter might seemingly be a bit risque for a little Chinese lady, sure enough, but Mom loves Japanese culture and she’d told me more than once how upset she had been when I gave away the Yakuza sake wine cask doll.

So here it is, Mom: Three Yakuza boys. Each one bears a scene from traditional Japanese folklore you read me when I refused to go to sleep. Happy Birthday!

Yakuza trio

side2 side1


The stories are (from left to right): Kintaro, Momotaro, and Urashima Taro.

Some close ups:


-3 -2 -1

back1 back2

Family Matter

These days I’ve been getting a lot of requests to paint families, both established ones and brand new ones. Pets are always included, of course. Can’t count them out! I know my Bo would be really upset if we left him out of the family census. Here are a few that I’ve worked on recently.

family portrait

All right, this one wasn’t that recent. It was a present for Mother’s Day from a delightful young lady to her momma.


This one was for a lovely man down in Melbourne whose Dad was celebrating his 80-something birthday. Go Dad! It had been an emergency rush job, but I didn’t turn it down as my own wonderful father-in-law had just passed away shortly after celebrating his 84th year on this earth so painting this set was a bit of a therapy for me.

family portrait 2

This one was another emergency rush job wherein I cranked it out over a frantic weekend. But that had been all right, as I was able to listen to the entire audio version of “A Confederacy of Dunces” in nearly one sitting and had an absolute blast.

As there was some time constraint and time difference to deal with between the customer and myself, I didn’t get photos of the last member of the family until the eleventh hour. I had to rummage around in my stash of loose dolls and actually found one that is half the size of my thumb nail to turn into a dog.


By this time I was so sleep deprived and delirious that I don’t really remember how this one got painted.


Oh, this had been a great one to paint, although I felt bad that the recipient had to wait so long for me to get my act together and crank it out. The cats don’t fit into one another, so it was a lot of fun to shake them out of the dog.

the couple

This was a thank you gift to a couple who generously loan their home to one of my favorite customers for her wedding. Her vivid description of this couple was so fun that I wish I had met them myself. That’s the thing, I get to meet so many interesting people doing what I do that I don’t see how I can do anything else!

This year on my birthday I woke up feeling a bit cranky as the Hubs had insisted on giving me my presents at midnight, which was sweet of him, but one of them had been a bluetooth speaker so of course I stayed up an extra hour setting it up and Led Zeppelin-ing it all over the place. I had to spend the following day working on yet another Rocky Horror set, but I got to have cake between layering the glitter!



I Gots to Have That Bear Coat

This is the deluxe version of “Workaholics” that I painted as a break from painting commissioned stuff. Yes, yes, I know. I need to go out more.


In this version Blake is wearing the bear coat,

Bear Coat

Adam’s got a butterfly clip on his neck,


and there’s a new addition of Montez and Jillian.


Why is Jillian looking like a Kiss groupie?


She’s not a Kiss groupie! She’s straight up Juggaho!

As If!

As long as we’re on a 90’s kick, how about a little “Clueless?”


Counterclockwise from right: Cher Horowitz, Dionne Davenport (Cher’s BFF), Tai Frasier (the “ugly duckling”), Murray Duvall (Dionne BF), Travis Birkenstock (stoner/sk8terboi), and Josh Lucas (Cher’s stepbrother/paramour).


Closeup of Murray’s braces and Travis.

it's faux

Cher’s water bottle and faux fur backpack purse.


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