Broad City

Since my friend Pacheco and I have similar taste in all things pop culture (except music. He’s a little bit hip hop, I’m a little bit 666), when he suggests something, I listen—especially these days when I often feel marooned in Oz-land. Information just doesn’t reach us down there as quickly as it does in the US. True, I can always plug into all sorts of social media for my dose of entertainment news, but who has time for that? In any case, when he brought up “Broad City,” I checked it out and boy, am I glad I did!

This show chronicles the misadventures of 2 girls in their twenties out and about in Brooklyn. It’s a bit like “Girls” except funnier. I was pretty much completely sold on it during the scene when Abbi rolled out of the dentist’s waiting room like a tumbleweed.

Broad City

I really wanted to capture Ilana Glazer’s glorious head of hair. Just painting it wouldn’t do. So I poked around and found freshly cut wool from sheep that has not been treated so it still retained its beautiful curls. It’s a fantastic material to make wigs from and there we have it.

As “P*$$y Weed” is the episode that sold me, I decided to paint Ilana and Abbi from it with one minor exception:

Abbi's painting

Here Ilana is holding the painting Abbi made for her gallery opening at a sandwich shop.

I was unable to find my standard sets of 3s. They in turn sent me these really tiny ones, which are only good for doing sets of 2s. Instead of using the last doll to paint Hannibal Buress, Ilana’s occasional hookup/dentist, I made this:


A mini jaw breaker which caused Ilana’s front tooth to fall out, the said tooth, an a mini bag of weed.

Now, I don’t want you to think just because I’m in Colorado now I’m indulging in the new law that’s been passed here and am using the real thing. It’s actually just some artificial moss. Sorry.

Let’s Cook

Please. Do you think I wasn’t going to do a Hazmat suit version of Breaking Bad? I couldn’t wait to get started on this but looking for all the proper items to tag onto it took some time.

Breaking Bad cooking

The idea of incorporating a bucket of chicken was presented to me, which of course, was taken into serious consideration, except I couldn’t find the proper receptacle to put the chicken in. But I did manage to find 1/2″ x 1/2″ Ziploc bags…

Blue Meth

I was so thrilled with these bags that I did a Dance of Joy and stepped on my dog in the process. Art making is always the hardest on the ones in the direct line of fire.


Now, I need to look for miniature wads of cash to really amp up this set!

Stefon and Co.

Ever since Seth Meyers took over the Late Night spot, I’ve been getting a couple of emails from people asking if I’m willing to paint them a Stefon doll of their very own. As taxing as it was to recreate that crazy Ed Hardy he wears over and over again, I don’t have the heart to say no. These people are so very nice and understanding and they come up with some amazing ideas for the remaining dolls to keep me from being bored. If it weren’t for the general public challenging me at every turn, I’d have long ago moved on to something different like weaving tapestries of bulldogs or balloon animal art.

Here are some of the SNL sets I’ve been asked to create:

weekend update

This one features Stefon and the Weekend Update anchors with Seth Meyers, Tina Fey, and Amy Poehler.

Seth Tina AmyAnd who’s that guy in the end? Why, that’s a Hoomba (as described by Stefon)!


Here’s another version:

SNL dolls

This one features Stefon, Fred Armisen as a Californian, Andy Samburg as Nicholas Cage, and Will Ferrel and Cheri Oteri as the Cheerleaders.

cheerleaders DSCF0238

The Stefon doll is veil optional!


Someone sent me this photo. Thanks for that!

Jeremy Davis is a Proud Poppa

The other member of Hayley Williams’ band Paramore gets a rather special treatment: A not-so-traditional family portrait in Babushka form!

Jeremy Davis

Gotta love that suit!

baby and tiara

I’ve always had a bit of trouble painting babies on the dolls. But all issues are solved when we decided to paint the baby onto the Momma doll.

Which leaves the third doll available for their little pooch, cowboy.


Breaking Bad: Heavy Hitters

I finally got around to watching the entire “Breaking Bad” series, which lasted for about a week. Netflix streaming is a beautiful, beautiful thing, is it not? I regret not finding the time to watch the whole lot sooner. But later is better than never and here’s one of the three Breaking Bad sets to come:

Breaking Bad

Heavy Hitters comes with (from left to right): Saul Goodman, Jesse Pinkman, Mike Ehrmantraut, Walter White, and of course, our favorite drug kingping/chicken restaurant owner, Gus Fring.

Some details:

saul goodman

Saul clutching a fistful of cash.


Walt with his duffle bag of cash.


The drink Gus handed to Hank, which ultimately became his undoing.

ricin cig

Jesse’s cigarette pack with the deadly ricin hidden inside.

The Big Lebowski

Who doesn’t like a movie about bowling? All right, “The Big Lebowski” is more than a movie about bowling, but when theorizing this set, every idea I had revolved around the bowling alley scenes from the movie.

the big lebowski

Clockwise from left: Theodore Donald “Donny” Kerabatsos, Walter Sobchak, Jeff “the Dude” Lebowski, Maude Lebowski, and Jesus Quintana.

Some details:


Flowers in the Attic

Talk about a blast from the past! I had a look at Lifetime Channel’s remake of “Flowers in the Attic” and thought that someone ought to do a matryoshka version of the main cast. Then I realized that someone had to be me since no one is nutty enough to do so. The book itself brought me back to seventh grade where all the girls were passing around the VC Andrews novels like an autographed New Kids on the Block cassette tape. I wasn’t popular enough to be in the loop, but eventually I got my hands on a copy and was hooked for life. “Flowers in the Attic” was a perfect blend of teen angst, gothic overtones, cheesy melodrama, and enough taboo to keep me wanting more. It was, truly, the Twilight Saga of our time minus the vampires and werewolves and lots of incest.

I based my set of Grandmother, Corrine Foxworth, Chris, Cathy, Carrie and Cory on the book version, not the dreadful film debacle or the made for TV movie so I had to go back to my tattered copy now and again to refresh my memories, not that I’m complaining, although I could use a newer copy of the book!

flowers in the attic

        Bible whip

Yeesh! Wouldn’t you love to have HER for your grandmother? A whip-happy Bible toter!

poisoned donuts

Here’s Corrine the mother with her poisoned powdered donuts and a nervous pearl-playing hand.

Flowers in the attic book

I thought it would be funny to have Christopher holding a copy of the book they starred in.

Cathy Dollanganger

Cathy in her ballet clothes with flowers she and the others made out of paper to pretty up the attic.

Carrie Dollanganger

Really, what tales of horror and confinement is complete without a dollhouse metaphor?


At first I was a bit daunted by the prospect of painting such a tiny dollhouse on the Carrie doll, but it took only 20 minutes tops.

DSCF0173 Cory Dollanganger

Cory with his banjo and Micky, his pet mouse.

I revealed to a few unfortunate souls who happened to wander into my sweatshop while I was painting these and the reaction varied from nostalgia to guilt to unbridled horror. What’s your take on this once shocking novel?

A New Mr. Fox Set

I think I’ve painted about 20 Mr. Fox sets in the past 4 months. It’s gotten to a point that I had to stifle a scream whenever I get a request to paint one, albeit never successfully. To stave off the ennui, I’ve tried out an alternative version to see if that one will be as popular as the original set.

Mr. Fox version 2

It’s a bit more low key, and the gang’s wearing their nightclothes. The screaming in my head died down a little while painting this set.


Ash in his briefs. Awww…cute!

BoBo Babushka on Late Night

Don’t panic! My etsy shop will be open shortly! I am to hang out in Denver for the next two months while the Hubs embark on his semi-annual solo sea kayaking expedition. This is not to say I’m to party the whole time, especially in a state that has just recently passed a law that puts a lot of smile on a lot of faces. As soon as I clear the cobwebs of travel over several international date lines from my mind, get my act together and locate my paintbrushes and pants, I’m back in the babushka game.

There are, of course, some happy surprises waiting for me when I got off two rather uncomfortable flights. One being able to see the Bo in Bobo Babushka…


I’d like to think he IS happy to see me, but he’s just not the type to show his emotions all at once.

When I was able to get my texts and emails again (at the Denver airport with free wi-fi), I was more than a little alarmed to see the unusual amount binging from my iphone. Surely the Hubs haven’t been taken by a croc—he’s not even on the road yet! But no, it was just my friends sending me all these links and photos of a Stefon doll that I churned out around Christmas sitting on Seth Meyers’ desk during his premiere. Holy dolly! I’d been told that he got a set, but I didn’t think he’d actually put it on display for all to see. Good thing I didn’t slack off and send a slap dash job!

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 1

Alex Buono, who’d given Seth Meyers the set, was kind enough to send me this picture with the arrow pointing out exactly where Stefon is sitting. I’m still a bit jet lagged to catch the show and see it for myself, but that’s what Hulu is for, right?

Well, that’s 15 minutes of fame for BoBo Babushka! Andy Warhol was right on the nose with how everyone gets one, except I don’t think he was talking about dolls!


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