I remember not being impressed watching the pilot episode but a friend promised that it would get better. It did, and I was hooked mostly by the fashion worn by the actresses on the show as well as the locale. Even though I lived in NYC at the time, I was struck by how lovely the show made my hometown looked. I was always under the impression that NYC, for the natives anyway, was more Law and Order than SATC. I knew people who moved to NYC because of the show and boy, were they disappointed…that is, the ones who weren’t wealthy enough to actually afford to live in Manhattan were. The show was a little candy treat at the end of a long work day and I was happy to paint a set depicting a happy time in my life…about ten years ago. I never got around to updating it until recently when a request came.

How much I’ve learned over the course of a decade! The buyer liked my original version, but wanted it updated except for the costume choice. Instead of painting on the massive corsage on Carrie’s dress, I found some crepe paper and silver gilded papers and made an actual one!

The original, painted 10 years ago.

The updated version, 10 years later.

The buyer had a wonderful idea of featuring a pair of shoes for the last “doll.” I had originally thought about tossing in a shoe charm and calling it a day but something kept gnawing at me until I sat down and ordered a pair of Barbie knock off stilettos. The simple pumps from my childhood was hard to find, or that I had to buy them in bulk, so I settled for a buckled model and modified it with my good ol’ X-acto knife. A few coats of paint and some beading later, a pair of Manolo Blahnik featured in the SATC movie was born. It didn’t look done, however, until I was able to create the labels in the smallest font possible and stuck it inside the shoes. I hope it won’t be another 10 years before I make another SATC set!