I’ve only ever done 2 other Marie Antoinette sets before. It kills me that I don’t have the time to do more. Then, last year, I said to myself, let’s make another one…while eating cake! Well, the cake part I ate plenty of, but actually sitting down to make this set was almost impossible.

But I did it! It took a little over a year and it’s finished. While working on other sets I thought about making an actual wig for the main doll and chose a material to manipulate in such a manner that I’ve never done before. There were a lot of trials and errors–from ordering the wrong size ribbons to figuring out how to secure it in such a way that the coils don’t loosen as well as experimenting with the different types of glues.

One of my favourite aspects of this set was the ship on the first doll. The original piece was forged in metal, then duplicated via computer and projection imaging wizardry and then 3-D printed to the size of my specification. BoBo Babushka is utilising a combination of old school painting and 21st century tech. It’ll be while before I can even think about making another version, but I can dream, can’t I?