I resolve to do a holiday themed set every new year and then these plans would have to be abandoned by mid-April because of the volume of work I’m slammed with. There are still such projects languishing in my supply closet because I just don’t have time to tend to them. But those days are over! I started working on one of the many holiday projects immediately after Christmas ‘21 and the first Christmas set is finished by mid-March! I am extremely pleased by my get-with-it-ness this year. 

This is an idea that slapped me so hard across the face that I had no choice but to start planning and working on it as soon as I could. It may not be 100% Christmas themed, but it can be hung all year round. I ordered these globe-shaped nesting dolls on a whim, not sure what I was going to do with it, but all the moving parts in my head fit into place and here is a double nesting doll set: One is a standard Big Lebowski character set that can nestle into each other, the other are the bowling balls corresponding with the characters used in the movie. The fun part about this set is that the dolls can also fit into their bowling balls, thus creating a bit of a meta feel to it, a fun gift to give to someone who loves bowling or is constantly high.