This is an unusual one. There’s a bit of a history with the buyer for this Beetlejuice set. First she had me build a little engagement ring box into the Ruth Gordon doll of a Rosemary’s Baby set so she can propose to her man. Then, due to the pandemic and a canceled wedding, her man had me paint The Shining set to gift her on the date of the canceled festivities as a consolation prize. Now that the wedding is finally happening, her man is receiving a very special Beetlejuice set (there’s another fun one in the works for her!). I thought it would be fun to have Adam and Barbara in their morphed Afterlife monster form dressed in their wedding outfits because it’s a wedding present.

This is the first time Adam gets to be the main doll so I decided to go all out and sculpt his entire head. I used plastic pellets to mould the nose and crown and my studio that night was filled with me screaming, “That’s HOT!” and “SSSSSSSSssssssss” because I had to dip my hands into boiling hot water in order to retrieve the pellets once it’s melted. We suffer for our art, don’t we?

The rest of the set is quite fun. Beetlejuice is dressed in his purple wedding tux and Lydia in her red wedding gown. Another new addition to this set is the little bone priest presiding over Beetlejuice and Lydia’s underworld wedding.

Happy wedding day, Ana and Matt!