It’s funny that often I get repeat customers wanting something painted and they would remind me of work I’ve done for them with their pets. Yes of course I remember those customers, especially if the said pet are bulldogs, like

Isn’t he a handsome boy? I have a soft spot for Harold because I’d painted him before, as a key chain for a birthday party favour!

Oh, and here are Harold’s Mom and Dad, all gussied up to be placed on top of a wedding cake!

We’ve had some technical difficulties in the sweatshop so I can’t create the little stands to glue on the bottom of the dolls for a firmer placement on the cake. After a quick rummage through my box o’ crap, I did manage to find some vintage buttons that did the trick. It actually looked a little nicer than what I had originally planned so all is not lost. It goes to show that one should never throw out any bits and baubles when you’re in my line of work because you have no idea when you’re going to need ’em!