I recently took a much-needed holiday from both my life and work. The timing couldn’t have been better as I was able to traverse my way from the West Coast to the East with a few stops in-between, attending weddings and piano recitals, family reunions and hanging out with my best friends, all of whom I have known for several decades. I got to tickle babies and take older children shopping while instilling in them the best ways to navigate through the choppy waters of life. I got to get into the field again to do actual research for an upcoming project (David Bowie Is exhibition anyone?) and ate my way from New England to NYC. There were some revelations as to who I am in the great scheme of themes that’s nothing short of shocking but a simple DNA test (in which my mother has gladly agreed to take) should sort things out. I spent some time in the hospital as well, visiting, not as a patient, and got to work on the embroidery project I started a year ago and haven’t been able to complete. All in all it was a very well-rounded holiday although I can’t say I had done any R and R as half the time I was running around, trying to make every minute of my trip as meaningful as I could make it.