I find that, over time, if I want something badly enough, it’ll present itself to me sooner or later. I just have to put it out into the universe and let the Great Being sort it out for me. Such is the case with this set.

I’d been wanting to do “Arrested Development” for a while now. When it was first on the air, I had been losing faith in television programming and was toying with the idea of getting rid of my set and picking up a new hobby. But the Bluths came along and showcased the kind of family dysfunction that I adore and I kept my TV and was glad the Television Gods have heard my prayers. The cancellation of the show was upsetting, but that’s another story altogether. In short, I was asked to paint the Bluths (plus Maeby’s boyfriend Steve Holt to round out the set of 10s), I could hardly keep myself from purchasing a ticket to NYC and hugging the buyer in person.

This is a massive set of 10 dolls (large to small) featuring George Michael, his Dad Michael, Buster, GOB, Lindsay, Tobias the Never Nude, Maeby, George, Lucille, and Steve Holt.