Due to a huge amount of projects scheduled, bad Auntie Ms. Irene wasn’t able to send my niece and nephew their Christmas presents until January. Yes, they call me Auntie Ms. Irene. I feel bad, but I was told their Christmas tree was laden with presents enough to ease their pain from Auntie Ms. Irene’s seemingly callous neglect. I painted the two of them at their current age and added little trinkets to symbolize some of their milestones that year.

It’s somewhat bittersweet to learn that my niece has outgrown her Disney Princess/Frozen obsession and her favorite color is no longer pink but black. My nephew has joined a soccer team and has been tasked with the job of a goalie. Together they’d moved to a new house, something I was able to identify with when I was their age. Merry Christmas, kids!