When I was three or four years old, I was given this “interactive” toy that plays music and had a screen of some sort which made it look like a TV set. I recall sitting in my playroom with this thing and wishing that it’s an actual TV set and it’s all mine and I didn’t have to share it with anyone. Then I wished that when I was an adult and had to get a job, I would get one that enable me to watch TV shows and movies all day every day. Know what? Both wishes came true. I don’t actually have a TV set in my work room per se, but I do have a portable DVD player and two tablets I can watch TV shows off from. As for watching shows for a living, what I do now comes close. Often times I am asked to paint characters from movies and shows I haven’t seen and I will have no choice but to binge it out. Poor me, right? Tee hee hee.

“Preacher” is a show I have been interested in checking out but never did get around to. A recent request to paint some of the characters finally got me to tune in. What a trip! It is even more fun to paint it!

This one features The Saint of Killers, Jesse Custer, Cassidy, and Tulip O’Hare.