I’d been looking at some older sets I’ve done years ago and haven’t had a chance to do it again and was hit with a sense of nostalgia. Some of those sets were painted in a corner of the dining table, or at my parents’ house when I visited with my little bulldog Bo snoozing at my feet. Those had been simpler, pleasant times and I decided to have a go at it again, and also to see if my skillz have improved over the years.

The first of the revivals was of course, “Small Wonder,” a very strange little sitcom about a man who secretly built himself a Roomba/Rosie Jetson the Maid  in the form of a little girl.

Vicki the robot “slept” in a little cupboard in the boy’s room and her existence was solely to clean up after the Lawson family as well as complicating their lives when caught doing un-little girl like things such as lifting up the couch so she could hoover under it. Harriet the neighbor was often seen eavesdropping and making inappropriate advances on little Jamie Lawson so that he can now rightfully #metoo on all conceivable social platforms. A show like this would never ever exist in today’s society so maybe that’s why I still love it so much.

These next updates were long in coming. I was never entirely happy with the first versions. The Mighty Boosh is a difficult one to configure because of the enormous cast, and also two of my favorites were basically a moon and a head with tentacles. But I figured it out.

This smaller version features Howard Moon and Vince Noir from season one, with Old Gregg with his Bailey’s and watercolor, Naboo the Shaman and Bollo the ape.

This deluxe version also features Howard and Vince but in different togs, Bollo, Old Gregg, Naboo, Tony Harrison, and, since there was still room for one more, the Moon, who is my favorite character on the show after Tony Harrison.