It’s been a long time since I’ve painted Twin Peaks so I jumped at the chance to do an update. I was given a choice to paint Laura Palmer as a corpse or as a prom queen. Ever since I received these tiara charms, I’ve been looking for an excuse to use them so I naturally was leaning toward the prom queen version…until the night before I was to tackle the project. A flash of inspiration hit me and I quickly went downstairs to the chest freezer and rummaged around until I found some puff pastry sheets. The plastic protecting the frozen puff pastries were perfect. They had precisely the color, the give, and the thinness to recreate a miniature body bag. My new dead Laura Palmer’s body bag would not be painted on, but rather, wrapped. Then I did more rummaging (not in the chest freezer, thank you very much) and unearthed the crepe hair I had purchased years ago on a whim and matted it until it looked like it was drudged from a swamp and viola! A new dead Laura Palmer!


There’s also a new addition to the cast, Shelly the waitress, along with Agent Cooper, Evil Bob, and of course, the Dancing Dwarf.


Because of this set, I got to do more rummaging (this time in the pantry) for the onion jam so I could use up the unprotected pastry sheets and made several batches of onion jam puff roll ups. The things I do for art.