Years and years ago I did a mini “Lord of the Rings” set featuring the fellowship. Since then I’d been wanting to update it but never got around to it…until now. I was asked to do a large set of 8 featuring a wizard, a hobbit, dwarfs, and a dragon from “The Hobbit.” It’s really hard to fit this mega set into my insane schedule, but I worked on it after after hours and found that I do my best work after dinner; when noisy and crabby neighbors have retired for the night and I was refreshed from a bracing shower and dinner.


Usually I can’t wait to finish a set and send it on its way, but this one…? I kind of wanted to keep it around for a bit!


Smaug was painted all in one go on a dreary Saturday afternoon. I streamed two movies and three 1-hour TV show while painting this set.


Gandalf: Hatted and unhatted.

thorin dwalin

Thorin and Dwalin. Seriously, Dwarfs cannot be this hot in Tolkien’s vision.


Fili and Kili and Bofur and of course, Bilbo.