Gentlemen, step up your game, ’cause Joe’s got you all beat by a mile!

I kid, I kid! While I commend all the husbands and boyfriends (as well as girlfriends and wives for that matter—wait till you see this birthday present I’ve got cooking in the sweatshop— for coming up with all sorts of interesting and quirky ideas to gift their beloved, this one project is by far the most interesting.


Joe is planning on proposing to his girlfriend and came to me with an idea of using a set of matryoshka dolls as a vessel for the ring. Why not? It reduces the risk of accidentally swallowing it if he had, say, put it in a glass of champagne or something, doesn’t it?


I thought about carving out a piece of foam to put into the last doll as a ring holder, but the Hubs got on his computer and designed something for it. He printed the ring holder with rubberized plastic and voila!


I used my own engagement ring as the test subject.

BoBo Babushka, conspiring with boyfriends and husbands since 2009.