If you are to handpick your own celebrities to be your best man, maid of honor, and celebrant, who would it be? For this couple, they had Ed Asner as their best man, Julie Newmar as their maid of honor, and Mink Stole as their celebrant.

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For their first year anniversary present, I was asked to paint this delightful wedding party, but with the actors in costumes that defined their acting careers.


Mink Stole as Connie Marbles, the groom and the groom, Julie Newmar as Catwoman, and Ed Asner as Lou Grant.


The main doll is customized with quotes and dates and symbols that’s unique to the couple.


I always enjoyed writing a bit of lyrics or poems on a set so I was thrilled to be able to do so. Not many people know this, but I’ve won 6 consecutive penmanship awards in the 4th grade.

Chris Bruce

The grooms are painted with various talisman and pets. These ones are highly symbolic.


Apparently, Julie Newmar walked into the wedding announcing that she was holding a $100 lipstick. In her hand also is a Tony Award. And a whip. You can’t get more bad ass than her.


This was hands down one of the most challenging dolls I’ve ever painted. The Ed Asner doll is only 1″ and I was asked to paint an Emmy Award and the house from “Up” that he was involved in. For this one I had to whittle my 0000 brush down to an even smaller point. Needless to say, after the dust cleared I had to go lie down and not use my eyes for a whole solid hour.

Happy anniversary, Bruce and Chris!