This was meant to be a fairly cut and dry project, seven dolls from the gross but hilarious film “There’s Something About Mary,” but I was asked to recreate some elements that made the film so popular, namely Mary’s hair coated in sperm and also Magda’s dog that’s in a full body cast. I didn’t lose any sleep over it because, for months, I had a piece of hair lying around that I’d used for David Bowie’s Goblin King hair and figured that could be utilized.


(From large to small) Mary (don’t worry, I used faux sperm for the hair effect), Ted and his, um, unfortunate accident in his prom tux, Healy with his big ass teeth, Warren and his earmuffs, Dom covered in hives, Magda, and of course, her little pooch Puffy.

Mary cast

After mulling over a few ideas, I decided to sculpt Puffy completely from scratch.