It’s not every day I do a giant set of 8…especially if there are two sets to work on at the same time! Luckily it’s a set featuring a new sitcom called “Telenovela” starring Eva Langoria that’s all about bright colors and bling and muy delicioso abs and many funny moments all on the set of a Spanish soap opera. I once had a student who would spend his after school art class in my room reading out loud the exploits of Juan-Carlo and Carlotta that he’d painstakingly transcribed in English off shows he watched with his Chinese grandma on Telemundo. It used to drive me nuts, but what else is one to do in an after school art class once they’re done with their assignments? Watching “Telenovela” now reminds me fondly of that particular student and lazy afternoons watching Telemundo with my own Chinese grandma.

Here are Set A and Set B of the core cast of “Telenovela” with several slight differences.



Some details: