What to do when you have too many ideas for a set of dolls? You paint TWO versions of it!

Female Trouble2

Version 1 is a customer version of “Female Trouble,” a John Waters treat featuring pre-accident Dawn Davenport and Aunt Ida. We had to throw in John Waters as the last doll, just because.

Female Trouble

Version 2 is a full set of most of the cast featuring a post-accident Dawn Davenport in that outrageous gold and blue leopard print dress and mohawk, Donald and Donna Dasher, Aunt Ida again (boy, John Waters enjoys squeezing his plus-size actresses into form fitting outfits, doesn’t he?), and of course, little Taffy Davenport. I was still tossing up weather or not to recreate Dawn’s scarred face toward the very end. I couldn’t resist doing something different. Same with the mohawk, which was the most fun I’ve had in a long time.