So there’s a difference between spring breaks and spring vacations. Spring breaks involve booze and bikinis and the words coming out of your mouth between downing shots are “Whoo!”s and “Bluuuurgh!” (okay, that one’s more of a vomiting noise than an actual word). Spring vacations are car trips with the family to Palm Springs visiting our snowbird neighbors who had a sprawling home in a gated community for the aged and that my brother and I were always the only ones in the communal pool and dinner was served at 4PM. Bedtime was at 9PM and there were a few days spent at Disney World and Dad lets us steal sips out of his beer at the EPCOT Center. I saw what I’d missed when I watched “Spring Breakers” a couple years ago and figured that with my distaste of balaclavas and greasy men with grillz and (shudder) corn rolls, I preferred my spring vacations.

Spring Breakers

This mini set features Alien, the local rapper/drug dealer; spring breakers Cotty, Brit, and Candy all suited up for a crime spree.

Some details: