I hate to admit it, but some sets takes a lot more out of me than others, and Outlander happens to be one of them. It could be the plaid motif that makes me a bit more cross eyed than usual at the end of the long work day. Still, I cheerfully agreed to paint a mega set of eight for a fan because she was so sweet and I am such a big fan of both the book series and the show. I was told to take my time with this set but then she revealed that she’s going to an event in which the author Diana Gabaldon was to be present and she thought it would be neat to bring the dolls with her.

“I’ll get it to you before the event if you promise to get her to autograph it,” I said and went right to work. Since it’s such a big set, it took about a week to paint, but I got it done and it was shipped off to the US and I actually forgotten all about it until I got the nicest surprise in my inbox this weekend.

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I think I squealed and then wrote an incoherent reply to the sender of this delightful set of photos and then squealed some more.

Here’s a closeup of the Outlander set featuring Diana Gabaldon as the main doll:


In her hand I painted my cherished copy of the first volume of the series:


I’m so glad that even though I can’t be there in person to meet her, my dolls did!