I think by now we are all aware how much of a TV fanatic I am. I have once chosen television over a boyfriend-of-the-moment (he had not been impressed by this decision) and I never did regret it.

Even though I’d spent the better part of my childhood in Taiwan, I still got a good dose of American television. My parents thought “Three’s Company” was hilarious and we were allowed to watch it even though all the jokes flew over our heads. There’d been a steady stream of “The Brady Bunch” and “I Love Lucy,” all of them dubbed in Mandarin. There’d also been “Happy Days,” and “Mork and Mindy,” and of course, “Laverne and Shirley.”

Laverne and Shirley

Can’t say I remember much of “Laverne and Shirley,” but I do somewhat recall a ton of shenanigans and of course, the big letter “L” stitched on Laverne’s clothes.


It’s great fun doing these classic TV sets because boy, does it bring back memories!