Moving to a new country at any age is not easy. I was fortunate enough to have landed in an English-speaking realm. Other than that, there are still a host of things to get used to such as Kookaburra attacks, calling appetizers “entrees,” converting currencies and measurements in my head and thus blowing a few fuses (as I mentioned before, math and I are not on first name basis), having to wear sunglasses just to hang up laundry…the fact that I have to hang up laundry instead of tossing the whole lot into the dryer, and sighing over the same but slightly different version of food and daily products that I was accustomed to. It can really do one’s head in. But the one constant is of course my first love—television. It has never disappointed me before and it still didn’t. I got through the first few tumultuous years in Australia by being able to tune into American television, and the one that helped tremendously is “30 Rock.” Not only is it well-written and quirky like the way I love my television, but it’s also shot in my old home NYC. Every week was like a brief visit back there and that had more than made up for trying to figure out why there seems to be a new prime minister every other year since I’ve been here.

30 Rock

Here’s some of the cast of “30 Rock” with (large to small) Jack Donaghy, Liz Lemon, Tracy Jordan,  Frank Rossitano, Jenna Maroney, and of course, the NBC page: Kenneth Parcell.


Here are some closeup shots of (left to right) Liz Lemon’s Mexican cheese puffs “Sabor de Soledad,” Tracy Jordan’s “EGOT” necklace, and Jack Donaghy’s drink.

It wasn’t easy trying to pick out a hat for Frank but I do enjoy pairing the words “karate” and “sluts” together. Here’s Jenna Maroney looking calm and collected, and there’s Kenneth in his full page regalia.