The best part of my childhood was finally being allowed to trek all the way to the Fresh Meadows Cinema by myself (or with friends) to catch an afternoon matinee. “Coming to America” was one of the best cinematic experiences I’ve ever had ’cause let’s face it, it’s a great movie and what girl didn’t want their Prince to turn up, put on a dorky uniform, and proceed to woo you with lines like, “When you think of garbage, think of Akeem?”

Coming to America

Here’s the cast featuring (largest to smallest) Akeem, Semmi, Lisa, Cleo McDowell, King Joffery Joffer, and Queen Aoleon.

There was a slight incident with the crown as I got a bit too carried away with my Dremel and ended up taking an extra spike off. Oops. Luckily it was easily repaired but man alive, I just can’t be trusted with power tools.

Some deets: