I was asked to create a set featuring characters from all ten films directed by Paul Weitz for his birthday. This came right after the My Little Pony debacle and just to show that I learned my lesson, I read over the notes many many times before picking up my paintbrush.


(From largest to smallest)

Lily Tomlin in “Grandma”, Hugh Grant (and the boy) in “About a Boy,” Jason Biggs in “American Pie,” Robert DeNiro in “Being Flynn,” Topher Grace in “In Good Company,” Dennis Quaid in “American Dreamz,” Tina Fey in “Admission,” Chris Rock in “Down to Earth,” John C. Reilly in “Cirque du Freak,” and Ben Stiller in “Little Fockers.”

IMG_3075 IMG_3073


Happy Birthday, Mr. Weitz!