Happy New Year!

Once again, I have the honor of presenting my friend Susie with a set of dolls for her annual birthday party auction (this time for the pitbull rescue org) as the first set of the year. I’d done the Ghostbusters once…a long long time ago and was just thinking about revisiting it again, and here we are! This time I got to add in two extra characters from the movie: Stay Puft and Zuul the Gatekeeper.



My favorite character is still Slimer. He speaks for the gluttonous slob in all of us during this holiday season.

Proton Packs

There are a few things in this world that I’d rather paint just once and never again, and the proton packs are one of them. I find that I can get through the most tedious painting sessions by putting on a Rifftrax movie or a MST3K episode. For this session I tuned into the one movie I always said they would have to put a gun to my head for me to watch unironically, and that’s “Birdemic.” If that movie’s a homage to Hitchcock’s “The Birds,” then I’ll bet the poor guy’s spun so much in his grave he’s spilled himself out of it.

But anyway, let’s hope this new year will be a great one!