I squealed like a piglet when someone asked me if I could quite possibly paint a set of Sons of Anarchy for his wife. First of all, this set has been on my wish list since forever. Second of all, how cool is he and his wife to want a set of SOA dolls? The only thing I’m not too thrilled about is that with my schedule the way it is, I couldn’t really work the motorcycles into this set like the way I saw it in my mind. But at least that’s another set off the wish list!

Sons of Anarchy

This jumbo set features the ten faves of the recipient: Jax (I really couldn’t see Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey, could you? Probably best that he’d turned down the role!), Opie, Chibs, Nero, Venus, Tig, Tara, Juice, Unser, and Clay.


Of course, the gang had to wear their club jackets!