Yes, you know I’m spoiled when I complain about the glorious almost eternally sunny Gold Coast weather. Truth be told, this is the saddest time of year for me because I’m a true Autumn girl at heart. I love that nip in the air, the foliage turning from green to gold and red and crunching the ones on the street is all sorts of delicious. Most of all, my two favorite holidays–Halloween and Thanksgiving–are all in the mix. I get none of that here in Australia. While everyone is getting ready for summer, I grumpily swap my sweaters for flip flops and tank tops and take the plastic off the fan and dream about having the oven on all day to bake all sorts of yummy autumnal foodstuff.

To combat my sadness, I’ve decided to paint my annual Halloween set early. This year it is all about Rob Zombie and his band.

Rob Zombie

I was working on something else while thinking about this set and thought perhaps I ought to have a top hat 3-D printed for Mr. Zombie. It totally ties the whole thing together, wouldn’t you say?

This may not take place of what I’ve given up in the northern hemisphere, but at least I can go down to the beach and literally drown my sorrows in while trying to pet the pelicans.