The reason why it took so long for me to churn out this set was that I was torn between painting the zombies from this show or its human cast. Then, what with one thing after another, it was left on the back burner until I got a request for it. It’s a good thing that it took so long to get this set painted because I was able to custom print a Stetson for Rick Grimes!


This set includes:

Rick Stetson

Rick Grimes and his Stetson.

Walking Dead Cast

Glen, young Carl, The Gov, and Carol.


But let’s not forget Daryl and Michonne, who are total bad asses.

I was told that it’s hard to binge watch this show, and they were right, of course. But I had just binge watched the last 4 episodes of Game of Thrones the week before and although it had left me shaken, it had also desensitized me to that much more violence.