I thought I was the only one who absolutely had to watch “Death Becomes Her” every time it’s on TV (which had been frequent when we still had cable). Turned out many people shared this unfathomable passion of mine. I’ve still got to paint one more version of this set, but the one I had in mind involved getting the Hubs down into his workshop with a sharp tool and punching two holes out of the Goldie Hawn doll.

Death Becomes Her

This one features Helen Sharp (yes, with the see through hole after her friend shot her), Madeline Ashton who is front to back, the hapless Mr. Ashton, er, I mean, Herman Menville, the unbelievably chic Lisle Von Rhuman and one of her man slave/butler.

Painting this set was great fun, which was much needed as I was suffering from my annual week-long bout of some sort of debilitating seasonal headache.