People, you have no idea how long I’ve been jonsin’ to paint this set. “Pushing Daisies” is lovely, quirky, yet sadly short lived little show that speaks to the artistic side in me that craves bright colors and bold patterns. It also speaks to the macabre side in me as the show deals mainly with deeply dysfunctional people, murder, mayhem, and death. Not an easy feat to pull off but they did it! I think some of my favorite parts of the show is when little Olive Snook (played by the magnificent Kristin Chenoweth) and Aunt Vivian (or Audrey from “Little Shop of Horrors”, as she is known in my warped mind) played by the delightful Ellen Greene, bust into songs. What a wonderful world it was when a show about resurrecting the dead and solving crimes features two Broadway veterans and allow them to showcase their vocal talents as well!

Pushing Daisies

This one features Ned the pie maker, Chuck, his lady love, whom he raised from the dead with his magical powers but can’t, sadly, touch due to some silly conditions of his abilities, Emerson Cod, his business partner, a PI who is really into knitting, Chuck’s aunts Vivian and Lily, and of course, little Olive Snook, a former jockey now waitress.

Some details:


Chuck with one of her bees (she kept an apiary before her death in her backyard and then on the roof of Ned’s pie shop).


Emerson Cod with his knitting.

the aunts

The Aunts, the former Darling Mermaid Darlings, who are really into tea, cheese, and pies loaded with mood enhancers.


And Olive Snook wearing a pie hat, naturally.

I was unfortunately walking the earth when this show was on air and was forced to binge watch it, for the first time, while cooking a 10-course Thanksgiving dinner. It’s lovely that my local library has both seasons in stock, allowing me to revisit this show again whilst painting the set. It sure beats binge watching “The Walking Dead!”