This one was so much fun to do mainly because I got to go into my box of bling to jazz up the Queen’s crown and gown!

Royal Family

This set of the Royal Family features the Queen, Charles, Princess Di (in an outrageously outdated dress bless her heart), Prince Harry, Prince Wills, Kate, Prince George, and baby Princess Charlotte. But never mind them…check out the Queen’s shiny things!

Jewelry Jewelry 2

I used a combination of glitter glue and nail art rhinestones and painstakingly separated glitter fragments to create the effect of priceless jewels.

The Queen

The crown proved to be a bit difficult, but the Hubs was able to 3D print me a base for the crown and I got out my glue gun and some shiny baubles from my collection of charms and fun bits and went to town. It’s a shame the crown is about the size of a Nyquil dosage cup, or else I’d happily wear it myself!