Here are some interesting facts about wine after the film “Sideways” was released:

“Throughout the film, Miles speaks fondly of the red wine varietal Pinot noir, while denigrating Merlot. After the film’s U.S. release in October 2004, Merlot sales dropped 2% while Pinot noir sales increased 16% in the Western United States. Other reports claimed that sales of Merlot dropped after the film’s release. A 2009 study by Sonoma State University found that ‘Sideways’ slowed the growth in Merlot sales volume and caused its price to fall, but the film’s main effect on the wine industry was a rise in the sales volume and price of Pinot noir, and in overall wine consumption.”


The cast of Sideways (largest to smallest): Miles Raymond sniffing his wine while plugging his ear, Jack Cole, broken nose and clearly in disgrace…let’s face it, anyone wearing a bandage and a bedspread is clearly up to no good; Maya Randall the waitress and Stephanie, who had beaten up Jack with her motorcycle helmet but she’s got a good reason to. What’s the fifth doll? Why it’s a bottle of Belle Glos wine, which is not featured in the film, but a representation of the buyer’s husband’s favorite inebriant.

Belle Glos Belle Glos2